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About Us

Founded in 2003 by customer experience pioneer Lior Arussy, Strativity was created with the vision of delivering brand-defining customer experiences by unlocking the exceptional potential of empowered employees. This passion for enhancing people’s performance is at the core of our DNA–and it’s the best pathway to profitable, sustainable results. Strativity is an LRW Group company.


We are a team of experts and practitioners who develop creative activation programs to execute exceptional customer experience and employee engagement strategies.


We understand the intrinsic drivers of culture and motivation. Our methodology engages the hearts, heads, and hands of all your people to help them embrace and execute new strategies.


During a time of ever-evolving expectations and digital disruption it’s more important than ever that organizations seek to differentiate through consistently exceptional customer and employee experiences.

Our Motivation

We love seeing people discover what they are capable of.
We love to make an impact on people’s lives through the empowerment activation work that we do.
We love helping people find purpose in their work and inspiring them to reach new heights.
We love to make change happen with empathy and humanity

Strativity Leadership Team

Lior Arussy20190703014405

Lior Arussy

CEO & President
Ed Murphy20190703014514

Ed Murphy

Andrew McInnes 20190703014602

Andrew McInnes 

Head of Client Development
Wayne Morris 20190703014606

Wayne Morris 

Principal – Canada
Tim Douek20190703014610

Tim Douek

Ceres Ruzich20190703014619

Ceres Ruzich

Principal, Head of Consulting
Rich Bosi20190703014727

Rich Bosi


Strativity Staff — USA

Shanel Aguiar20190603234541

Shanel Aguiar

Project Manager
Michael Blackmire20190603234706

Michael Blackmire

Project Manager
AJ Bartholomew 20190603234715

AJ Bartholomew 

Project Manager
Monica Bousquet 20190603234721

Monica Bousquet 

Project Manager
Michelle Burnham 20190603234733

Michelle Burnham 

Director, Communications & Design
Joe Ciotoli20190603234738

Joe Ciotoli

Research Director
Steve Cohn 20190627164936

Steve Cohn 

Learning Director
Maureen Colucci20190703163418

Maureen Colucci

Peter Haid 20190703163423

Peter Haid 

Judy Elkind20190703163424

Judy Elkind

Marketing Manager
Frank Furbacher20190703163433

Frank Furbacher

Program Manager
Heidi Goldberg20190703163438

Heidi Goldberg

Senior Accountant
Tyler Hendrickson20190703163442

Tyler Hendrickson

Relationship Manager
Edward Kang20190703163452

Edward Kang

Senior Visual Designer
Marwan Mahdy20190703163456

Marwan Mahdy

Visual Designer
Ali Nigh20190703163500

Ali Nigh

Alexis Ruiz20190703163509

Alexis Ruiz

Program Coordinator
Tara Samis 20190703163514

Tara Samis 

Guido Schlabitz20190703163520

Guido Schlabitz

Software Consultant
Brianne Spinelli20190703163522

Brianne Spinelli

Senior Copywriter
Ildi Vazan20190703163526

Ildi Vazan

Project Manager
Lacey Zuretti20190703163531

Lacey Zuretti

Program Manager

Strativity — Global

Brad Meehan20190724170055

Brad Meehan

Managing Manager
Cyrus Allen20190724174011

Cyrus Allen

Managing Partner
George Bej20190725075002

George Bej

Lachlan Austin20190725075118

Lachlan Austin

Mike Kersten20190725075425

Mike Kersten

James Beeby20190725075845

James Beeby

Josephine Monger20190725080003

Josephine Monger

Matt Poll20190725080107

Matt Poll

Sean Greig20190725080218

Sean Greig

Fernando Samaha20190725080409

Fernando Samaha

Associate Director
Campbell Packer20190725080539

Campbell Packer

Associate Director
Jennifer Anayo20190725080744

Jennifer Anayo

Senior Consultant
James Usback20190725080942

James Usback

Senior Consultant | GM - Touchpoint Dashboard
Kate Messenger20190725081118

Kate Messenger

Associate Director
Rebekah East20190725081302

Rebekah East

Senior Consultant
Rebecca Armstrong20190725081812

Rebecca Armstrong

Finance & Administration Manager
Carole Hillier20190725081956

Carole Hillier

Research Manager
Jana McKenzie20190725082306

Jana McKenzie

Marketing Manager

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