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Why go customer-centric?

Creating exceptional customer experiences is a vital strategy for growth. While most companies are attuned to the mandates of efficiency in resource management and maximization of profit margins, few have embraced the most critical factor in brand profitability: the loyalty expressed by customers.

Our research proves what our experience has always shown: by investing in a culture of customer centricity, a brand invests in its long-term prosperity. Strativity’s proven methodologies, thought leadership, and insights provide brands the opportunity and means to create, sustain, and reap the rewards of customer centricity.


The business case

At each intersection of customer and employee, an opportunity emerges: to create a singular and exceptional experience and cultivate a long-term and profitable relationship in the process. Strativity helps brands seize each and every one of those opportunities. Both our research and experience has proven that a commitment to customer-centrism goes far beyond ensuring the happiness of customers—it has direct and measurable impact on the health and prosperity of an entire organization. The proof is in the numbers:

Honeywell Industrial Manufacturing:

increase in Customer Satisfaction Score within 12 months
increase in Customer Satisfaction Score within 10 months

European Logistics Company:

Organic Growth within 2 years
Exceeded Profit Target within 2 years

Health Care Technology Provider:

NPS Score 56% to 90% in 100 Days
Creating a culture of customer-centrism is more than a good idea: it’s a business imperative. Take the first step towards a culture of customer-centricity and the bottom-line benefits that come with it. Contact us today.

Our process

Our process is holistic: from assessing an organization’s readiness, to fostering its transformation, to measuring our impact across a broad range of metrics. Each step is governed by a single, core principal: achieving customer centricity at all organizational levels to benefit both the brand and its customers.

Our discovery and assessment diagnostic tools define the customer’s experience. Insights define best practices, set the strategic course, and ready an organization for change.
The design phase of our work provides structure, goals, benchmarks, and guides to increase both the efficacy of the process and the alignment of an organization.
Customer Experience is more than enhancing customer satisfaction—it’s a business imperative. By developing the business case for exceptional customer experiences.
Our deployment process is measured and disciplined to ensure that an organization’s transformation is uniform and contiguous.
The commitment to exceptional customer experiences must be ongoing. That’s why we’ve developed programs which refresh and realign employees and leadership.



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