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Considering the longevity of the typical B2B relationship, CX is even more critical

The Economics of Customer Experience | Lior Arussy 5:27


Customer Experience plays as big a role in Business to Business (B2B) relationships, if not bigger, than in Business to Consumer (B2C) relationships. Understanding the rational and emotional needs and expectations of your clients is critical delivering the right B2B Customer Experience.

Voice of Customer Assessment

The Voice of Customer assessment is a process through which we examine the performance of key elements of the customer measurement programs currently deployed (i.e., Current State Assessment) in order to identify potential gaps and to obtain a consolidated view of the entire Voice of Customer program. Findings from the current state assessment will be used to develop recommendations to inform the design of new measurement programs that will provide actionable insights to improve the experience delivered.

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Evolving Customer Experience – Businesses Can Embrace a Culture of Feedback

May 15, 2014 by Dalya Arussy |

Yelp and similar websites seem to be a common fear for today’s business owner. Why? Because these websites now act as venting forums rather than problem-solving tools. But think about it from the customer’s perspective: they just want their problems fixed. Wouldn’t that be more satisfying than feeling like you’re talking to a wall? On […]

Emotion in B2B Decisions

September 30, 2013 by Michael Starr |

As human beings, we are emotional.  Further, so are our purchase decisions. This is true in our major purchases, such as automobiles (people don’t need a Mercedes-Benz; they want one).  It also is true in our small purchases (How many of us buy Heinz ketchup when other brands are significantly less expensive simply because we […]

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