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E.ON UK Business

E.ON UK Business Services is a shared services group within E.ON UK. Parent E.ON is the world’s largest investor-owned power and gas company. UK Business Services supports 17,000 internal “customers” (employees) in five primary areas: Asset Management (Fleet and Real Estate), Change Management, Finance, People Process, and Supply Chain.

The Challenge

The Shared Services environment typically fostered a contentious relationship between customer and service provider, as the internal customers felt that they’re “hostages” lacking a choice in vendor selection. This acrimonious relationship was fertile ground for complaints and lack of cooperation.

What’s more, E.ON companies through Europe were about to offer choice of shared internal service groups.

Because of this combination, Business Services’ need to deliver greater value became imperative.

The Strategy

A new corporate business strategy called “Changing Energy”—focusing on “Planet & Society, Customer and People” as guiding principles on which to maintain a sustainable business—necessitated a uniform customer strategy within Business Services—the first ever such strategy. Among the many tenets of the strategy were:

  • Complete mapping of the customer experience journey. E.ON deployed the initiative in eight phases, including leadership alignment; diagnostics of the gap between current employee performance and customer expectations; quantitative experience inventory of customer needs; current customer strategy assessment; redesigning the customer experience; “Capturing Hearts and Minds” so employees could own the changes they would help implement; gathering organizational recommendations; and creating a sustainable action plan.
  • Dedicated execution. The transformation included developing a Customer Experience Team and a Customer Engagement Team, and creating a Stakeholder Manager position. Cross-functional initiatives are handled by a BSLT (Business Services Leadership Team), and customer experience Action Plans are consolidated and coordinated Business Services Partner Experience Plan (PEP). Derek Parkin (Managing Director of Business Services) and Nicki Akhavan (Head of Customer Experience) provided the leadership and sponsorship for the initiative.
  • Tailored engagements. E.ON created a Premier Service for executive support to service the Top 60 managers in the business units.
  • Proven seriousness behind the initiative. E.ON conceived and implemented a “You Said, We Did” marketing campaign to demonstrate listening and action to customers—and specifically what was changed as a direct result of their feedback.
  • Reward for desired activity. E.ON emphasized annual bonuses based in part on “customer” targets based on achieving customer satisfaction scores. This was in addition to the new enterprise-wide “Business Services Heroes” program recognizing colleagues who have gone the extra mile, becoming a “Hero” or a “Superhero” based on customer feedback.

The Results

E.ON, UK received a Bronze award in the Organizational Transformation category of the Gartner & 1to1 2009 Customer Awards. The project generated improvement in their Net Promoter Score from -30 to 54. As E.ON Business Services notes: “Our key brand message is providing excellent service and intelligent solutions that save our customers time, cost and carbon. This made it easier for customers to understand how we can help them and how they can contact us, and has also has created a sense of unity and pride amongst our people.”

Industry: Business Services
Employees: 17,000
Activated: UK