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Topic: B2B

Emotion in B2B Decisions

Article posted: Sep 30, 2013 by Michael Starr

As human beings, we are emotional. Further, so are our purchase decisions. This is true in our major purchases, such as automobiles (people don’t need a Mercedes-Benz; they want one). It also is true in our small purchases (How many of us buy Heinz ketchup when other brands are significantly less expensive simply because we trust that it tastes good).
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The Customer, The Missing CEO, And The Miracle That Will Not Happen

Article posted: May 01, 2012 by Lior Arussy

An interesting issue emerged during my recent presentation of the results of customer experience diagnostics to a B2B company. Top clients of the company indicated that, unlike other vendors they work with, my client does not have executive sponsorship of the relationships.
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The Complexity Chasm

Article posted: Nov 05, 2008 by Lior Arussy

CRM within the high-tech industry is - unsurprisingly - complex. First, customers can be anyone: an indirect partner, a product reseller, a client, or a consumer.
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Creating Customer Experience In B2B Relationships

Article posted: Aug 15, 2007 by Lior Arussy

Talk to customer experience executives in a B2B environment about emotional engagement and you will see their eyes roll. Ask them if they would consider designing retail stores with customized smell and music to reinforce the customer experience and you will most likely will be ushered out of their offices. Mention the iPod or MySpace experience and you will likely face a torrent of sighs and frowns.
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