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Transform customer pain points into new opportunities to strengthen and enhance brand loyalty.

Are You Ready For The 2011 Customer

Article posted: Dec 01, 2010 by Lior Arussy

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article titled “The Just-in-Time Consumer” discussing new trends in consumer purchasing behavior. The article highlighted the impact of the great recession on consumer purchasing activities and found that consumers are increasingly purchasing fewer products in smaller packages.
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The Trouble With Tribal

Article posted: May 11, 2010 by Lior Arussy

In the early days of the Web, companies recognized that driving customers to online self-service would reduce costs significantly. As a result, the earliest generation of self-service efforts—and, sadly, the self-service still common today—focused on simplifying the customer’s Web experience.
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Cashing In On Customer Experience

Article posted: Jan 05, 2010 by Christopher Musico

New research from Strativity Group finds consumers are willing to pay a premium for goods and services if companies deliver quality experiences.
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Making Sense Of Customer Service

Article posted: Jan 01, 2010 by Meredith Schwartz

It is often said that customer service is what sets independent specialty retailers apart, lets them compete with big box stores despite usually higher prices, and keeps their customers loyal. In fact, half of small-business retailers who compete against major merchants say customer service differentiates their business from their larger competitors
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Constructing A Customer Focus From The Ground Up

Article posted: Dec 18, 2009 by Mila D'Antonio

Companies continuously struggle with how to align their strategy, training, and processes to focus on the customer, but ProCure Proton Therapy Center in Oklahoma City, OK, has an atypical advantage. The center, which opened in July, built its business with the customer in mind.
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You Are What You Measure

Article posted: Oct 01, 2009 by Lior Arussy

Can we measure how much has been written about metrics and measurements for customer relationships? There’s obviously boundless interest: At every conference, at least one person approaches me with a version of the classic “What should be the average handling time of calls for financial services customers in the Midwest?”
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"Our Customer Did Not Leave" Is Not A Customer Strategy

Article posted: Jun 25, 2009 by Lior Arussy

“Our customers rarely leave us,” I was recently told by an executive. “I understand all about customer strategy, but it is not relevant for my company. The moment we get them, they stay,” he added with great conviction.
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Customer Loyalty To Whom?

Article posted: Mar 02, 2009 by Lior Arussy

When a customer is loyal to a brand, to whom is the customer truly loyal? Many CEOs posit that customers are loyal to an abstract entity represented by their companies' logos.
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Self-Service Is Just Less-Than-Full Service

Article posted: Oct 01, 2008 by Lior Arussy

I recently came across a new book titled The Best Service Is No Service by Bill Price. Price argues that customer service operations only exist because of organizational dysfunction, and the longer customer service exists the more it perpetuates the problem.
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Good Service Delivered By Call Centers

Article posted: Oct 01, 2008 by Lior Arussy

Global Competition Proves Customer Service Professionals Really DO Care Contact Professional
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A Customer Experience Emergency - Call 911

Article posted: Sep 01, 2008 by Lior Arussy

On August 5, 2008, Reginald Peterson entered his local Subway and ordered two sandwiches. When he realized that the sandwiches were prepared without his favorite sauce he preceded to call 911!
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Creating Amazing Customer Experience - Excellence Or Consistency

Article posted: Apr 01, 2008 by Lior Arussy

We live in challenging times. Customers' expectations are increasing exponentially. Their tolerance for anything less than amazing is diminishing. They demand excellence or they go elsewhere. Competitors are trying harder to delight customers constantly raising the customers' expectation bar. On the other hand, cost reduction efforts are everywhere.
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What Are The Basic Needs Of Customers?

Article posted: Feb 14, 2008 by Lior Arussy

In your opinion, what are the basic needs of today's customers? What are customers looking for in customer service?
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Customer Experience: Fulfilling The Promise

Article posted: Jan 01, 2008 by Lior Arussy

Remember signing up for your wireless service? If so, you can probably recall the sales person enthusiastically promising you many years of uninterrupted service with the coolest technology available.
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Customer Service As A Strategic Differentiator

Article posted: May 01, 2007 by Lior Arussy

During a recent webcast with more than 100 marketing and customer service managers, I asked participants about the degree to which their respective customer experiences need to be personalized. To my surprise, more than 50% of respondents reported that more than half of their customers routinely request experiences that are individually tailored to their needs.
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Effective Customer Complaints Handling

Article posted: Apr 01, 2007 by Lior Arussy

For the last several weeks, I, along with every other person with a television or newspaper, watched the media’s lynching of JetBlue. The lynching followed a February snow storm that left hundreds of passengers stranded on parked planes for up to 10 1/2 hours and a JetBlue acknowledgement that it waited too long to ask airport authorities for help getting passengers off the stranded planes.
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Data Breach Notification Must Demonstrate Commitment To Customer Service

Article posted: Mar 22, 2007 by Lior Arussy

What's the best way to notify customers of a security or data breach? Do you recommend having a policy in place in case this happens? What should it include? Obviously, our company is hoping to avoid a problem like this, but how should we alert customers if any kind of breach occurs?
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Can Online Customer Service Drive Customer Loyalty?

Article posted: Mar 22, 2007 by Lior Arussy

What's your take on new media like online customer service and how it affects classic customer service techniques? Must a company have self service to be successful these days?
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Customer Surveys – What’s The Purpose

Article posted: Aug 01, 2006 by Lior Arussy

What is the real purpose of customer surveys? The answer changes, depending on who you ask. Ask a company, and they will tell you that they are seeking feedback and validation. Pose the same question to a customer, and she will say that she invests time taking customer surveys because she seeks change and action.
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Embrace Complexity

Article posted: Jul 01, 2006 by Lior Arussy

One of the largest banks in the United States recently executed a simplification process that included the elimination of a large amount of contact phone numbers. Now, due to this simplification, the bank's Web site no longer contains phone numbers assigned to any of its branches. Every customer must contact a single, central toll free number. The result?
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Perfecting The Art Of Problem Resolution

Article posted: Feb 01, 2006 by Lior Arussy

The search for the perfect customer service process is a never ending pursuit of companies. Executives are searching for the perfect process that will eliminate all problems, misunderstandings and by extension, customer complaints. Technologies and methods are being heavily deployed in the name of the perfect process and Six Sigma is steadily finding its place into customer service organizations. With the help of experts, customer service professionals are attempting to create the perfect service model that will eliminate disgruntled customers.
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The Power To Serve

Article posted: May 02, 2005 by Lior Arussy

Let employees make mistakes--you'll be better off. Empowerment is one of those strange management concepts. Every manager claims to provide it in abundance, but many employees don't feel they have any. How do you explain such a contradiction?
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Complaints Are Great. Keep Them Coming!

Article posted: Nov 01, 2003 by Lior Arussy

Most companies consider customer complaints a primary source of their ongoing corporate headache. It is the part of the job that most people could do without. After all, who enjoys talking to upset people who are on the verge of screaming?
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Stop Wasting Your Money On Customers!

Article posted: Jul 08, 2003 by Lior Arussy

At all times your investment of resources and efforts should be aligned with two critical dimensions of your customer relationships: the differentiating touch points and the profitable customer segment. Any investment outside of these dimensions will be considered wasteful and unjustified.
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How To Ignore Your Most Loyal Customers

Article posted: Aug 01, 2002 by Lior Arussy

Identifying market trends and determining customers’ wishes is an ongoing challenge for businesses worldwide.
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