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Topic: Experience Innovation

Explore the fundamentals of CEM, its business rationale, and the first steps of customer centricity.

Lior Featured In CRM Thought Leader Podcast Series

Article posted: Oct 20, 2011 by Chuck Schaeffer

Customer experience management is the art and science of managing all customer interactions across all touch points. Customer experience is measured as the total value proposition delivered to the customer—both from physical attributes such as time and quality and from the emotional attitudes held by the customer.
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There’s No Substitute For Experience

Article posted: Apr 15, 2011 by Lior Arussy

In this era of transparency, social customers, and customer experience, several realities are converging that call for a rethinking of the role of sales. For starters, more customers are counting on informal channels to support their purchasing decisions, eroding the role of salespeople, who no longer operate in isolation.
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Stop Selling – Innovate The Sales Experience

Article posted: Apr 01, 2011 by Lior Arussy

Here is a quick question to ponder: “What percentage of claims from sales people do you trust?” Is it 100% (just kidding)? 80%? 70%? 50%? Hopefully your comfort zone is somewhere between 0% and 100%. Did I mention this was a tricky question?
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Pay For Performance

Article posted: Jan 01, 2011 by Robert McGarvey

Trends come. Trends go. Anyone remember the hula hoop? But here’s one that makes more sense than most – at least to the professional sales community.
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Putting The 'Self' In Self-Service 2.0

Article posted: May 11, 2010 by Lior Arussy

A successful online customer experience allows customers to self-segment and to introduce their own variations—in language, color, font size, content, and any other element that, when you put the control in their hands, makes them feel like a more-integrated part of your company.
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Creating Effective Leadership Sponsorship For Customer Experience Strategy

Article posted: Mar 17, 2010 by Lior Arussy

In preparation for a customer experience strategy launch, I sat down with the senior leader sponsoring the initiative ad briefed him on the need to demonstrate commitment. He in return stood up at the beginning of the meeting and announced "we are going to do this. If you disagree consider yourself fired. Any questions so far?"
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Where Does Innovation Come From?

Article posted: Jan 04, 2010 by Lior Arussy

Many of our clients routinely seek opportunities and methods to make their organizations more innovative. They believe that being more innovative will allow them to successfully differentiate themselves from competitors and attract more customers willing to pay premium prices for their products and services. To demonstrate the concept of innovation, I am frequently asked to highlight case studies of organizations that have applied innovative solutions to various aspects of their businesses.
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Change The Rules With Amazing Experiences

Article posted: Aug 14, 2009 by Lior Arussy

Customer experiences are your core value proposition, not just package design. They are the true differentiators and the fulfillment of your company's mission. Most companies fail to understand this. For those that do, customer experiences are the first item on their strategic planning to-do list.
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Monitoring The Customer Experience In The Call Center

Article posted: Mar 25, 2008 by Lior Arussy

Is is possible for a call center to measure customer experiences in real time, as call center agents are taking calls?
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Outbound Calling And The Customer Experience

Article posted: Sep 01, 2007 by Lior Arussy

When doing outbound calling to customers, what's the best way to open the conversation to start off a pleasant customer experience?
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The Variance Factor

Article posted: Apr 01, 2007 by Lior Arussy

The one little secret that most business organizations refuse to spill is that despite all the process optimizations, updated CRM tools, and detailed training, they depend on their employees to exceed expectations.
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Benchmarking Or The Fear Of Change And Innovation

Article posted: Mar 01, 2007 by Lior Arussy

“What is the industry average for customer satisfaction?” “What is the benchmark for average handling time?” “What should be the target for our attrition rate?” “What is the industry benchmark for first call resolution?” “What is the accepted rate for escalation of customer complaints?” These are some of the questions I regularly encounter during the course of customer strategy research and consulting projects. These questions are so pervasive and asked so frequently, that I’m led to believe that executives are more concerned with meeting industry benchmarks or “the number” than they are with delivering great customer experiences.
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The Search For Growth Through Innovation

Article posted: Jul 01, 2005 by Lior Arussy

General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt is willing to face what most CEOs are still hiding from: Efficiency has come at the expense of the customer. The business press continues to cover G.E.'s efforts to find growth through innovation.
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Transforming IT – Information As Product

Article posted: Jan 23, 2005 by Lior Arussy

Imagine information as a product and imagine IT managers as sellers of that product. What is the best-selling piece of information? What is the shelf life of information? Would it withstand a competitive environment? Would customers actually be willing to pay for it? This is the way that IT needs to be viewed and managed.
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The Innovation By Design Not By Luck

Article posted: Dec 01, 2004 by Lior Arussy

One of the common mistakes in understanding innovation is the notion that innovation comes whenever it is ready. The belief that innovation requires this stroke of lightening that brings those amazing, earth shattering ideas.
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Stop Wasting Everyone's Time

Article posted: Sep 01, 2004 by Lior Arussy

I recently visited a customer contact center that functioned both as a sales and a service operation. When the company's customers request a price quote, agents need to search in six different applications and then write the results on a piece of paper before selecting the right response to the customer's request. This archaic guessing-game of a system was prone to error, and average handle time was very high. Customers were frustrated.
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Other People's Customers

Article posted: Jul 01, 2004 by Lior Arussy

For years we have been searching for the right formula for customer relationship success. We've heard the gurus and bought the books. We were inspired by the Ritz-Carlton's commitment to outstanding service.
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