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Topic: Journey Mapping

Assess your customers’ journey through your brand and engineer it to provide the best experiences at every step.

Customer Journey Mapping – Doing It Right, Part III

Article posted: Nov 28, 2012 by Ed Murphy

There are numerous articles and papers on customer journey mapping that describe it as a tool that allows for identification of Moments of Truth or that will provide an organization with a prioritization for improving the customer experience. Customer Experience Management (CEM) has evolved since Jan Carlzon, former CEO of Scandinavian Airlines, first used the term “moments of truth”, defined broadly as the various points at which employees come in contact with customers.
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Customer Journey Mapping – Doing It Right, Part II

Article posted: Nov 20, 2012 by Michael Starr

Customer Journey Mapping (or Customer Experience Mapping) has become the fad du jour of the customer experience world. Companies around the world are mapping their customers’ journeys either on their own or with the help of consulting firms like Strativity Group.
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Customer Journey Mapping – Doing It Right

Article posted: Nov 15, 2012 by Lior Arussy

A recent Forrester Research report discusses a customer journey mapping phenomena that Strativity Group has also experienced in recent years. Many companies show interest, jump on the bandwagon and create a map detailing the complexities of their customers’ journey. Then what? According the Forrester report, in most cases, little to nothing happens next.
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10 Lessons In Transforming Customer Experience

Article posted: Apr 19, 2012 by Cynthia Clark

Arussy identified 10 questions that drivers of change need to ask in order to execute a successful transformation
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