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Topic: New to Customer Experience

Explore the fundamentals of CEM, its business rationale, and the first steps of customer centricity.

Three Effective Ways to Create a Cynical Culture

Article posted: Feb 25, 2014 by Lior Arussy

Cynicism requires a great deal of negligence to emerge in organizations. For a cynical culture to be created, it only takes one employee to start following the proven rules that will ensure Cynicism will spread into the hearts and minds of each and every employee.
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Engage Your Employees: Benefit The Customer

Article posted: Jul 24, 2013 by Chris Mills

The automotive industry is one of the most competitive sectors when it comes to customer service. In the current economic climate, customer are more likely to shop around to find a reliable dealership that offers great value for money and great customer service.
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Will Shoppers Pay More For Good Customer Experience?

Article posted: Jun 28, 2013 by Retail Week

The rise of the informed consumer means that today’s interactions between retailers and shoppers have to offer more than just flashy advertising, a product, brochure, or price tag, believes Chris Mills, managing director at customer experience strategy expert Strativity.
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Visualize The Ideal Experience – Then Create It

Article posted: Jun 27, 2013 by Michael Starr

You decide to go on a trip. What is the first thing you do? You pick a destination and then work backward to map how to go from your starting point to your final stop. The same is true for customer experience innovation.
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Corporate Love Meter 2013

Article posted: Feb 13, 2013 by Lior Arussy

The state of company customer love relationships is quite sad. They admit that they are no longer loyal. Communication was good during the dating phase (sales) but withered afterwards.
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How To Destroy A Legendary Brand Through Awful Customer Experience - The Legendary Luxury Hotel In NYC Story

Article posted: Jan 08, 2013 by Lior Arussy

If you are looking for the CliffNotes version of this story it is quite simple – lean on your great heritage and cut costs at your guests’ expense. I am writing this article not with the purpose of blame and shame and therefore refrain from mentioning the actual hotel’s name.
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The Beginning Of The End Of Groupon – Why Price Is Not A Sustainable Business Strategy

Article posted: Dec 05, 2012 by Lior Arussy

One cannot read the news these days without hearing about the difficulties Groupon, Living Social and the other daily deals companies are facing. It seems as if the market is turning on these online coupon businesses and demand is declining. Merchants are now refusing to renew their offers and are shunning the Groupon business model.
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Customer Journey Mapping – Doing It Right, Part III

Article posted: Nov 28, 2012 by Ed Murphy

There are numerous articles and papers on customer journey mapping that describe it as a tool that allows for identification of Moments of Truth or that will provide an organization with a prioritization for improving the customer experience. Customer Experience Management (CEM) has evolved since Jan Carlzon, former CEO of Scandinavian Airlines, first used the term “moments of truth”, defined broadly as the various points at which employees come in contact with customers.
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Customer Journey Mapping – Doing It Right, Part II

Article posted: Nov 20, 2012 by Michael Starr

Customer Journey Mapping (or Customer Experience Mapping) has become the fad du jour of the customer experience world. Companies around the world are mapping their customers’ journeys either on their own or with the help of consulting firms like Strativity Group.
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Customer Journey Mapping – Doing It Right

Article posted: Nov 15, 2012 by Lior Arussy

A recent Forrester Research report discusses a customer journey mapping phenomena that Strativity Group has also experienced in recent years. Many companies show interest, jump on the bandwagon and create a map detailing the complexities of their customers’ journey. Then what? According the Forrester report, in most cases, little to nothing happens next.
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All You Need Is LOVE

Article posted: Nov 13, 2012 by Lior Arussy

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to see LOVE the Cirque Du Soleil show in Las Vegas celebrating the songs of the Beatles. It is an amazing interpretation of the classics with a unique combination of acrobatics, theatrics and customs and music. One would say an overwhelming experience of all the senses.
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Do Customers Really Know What They Want?

Article posted: Nov 06, 2012 by Lior Arussy

Here are some questions to ignite your thinking: 1.Did customers ask for an iPod, iPhone, or iPad? 2.Was Facebook the outcome of a focus group? 3.Did customers request Groupon? 4.Was the latest fashion trend a result of customer interviews? 5.Did the idea for the Wii come from customer satisfaction studies? 6.Was Swiffer an outcome of customer in-depth surveys?
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Did I Believe Criss Angel? Lessons In Experience Design

Article posted: Oct 24, 2012 by Lior Arussy

The Criss Angel Show Believe at the Luxur hotel in Las Vegas was true to what Las Vegas is all about: a constant attempt to outdo your competitors. In that regard, Las Vegas provides a living proof for the need to innovate, evolve and reach new, higher standards. The intense competition among hotels, night clubs, shows and restaurants forces business leaders to reinvent themselves every day.
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The Guiding Assumption

Article posted: Aug 01, 2012 by Lior Arussy

During a recent conversation with a client, I asked, "Why are your policies so restrictive? It seems as though you don't trust your customers." "Well, that depends," the client replied. When I asked him to elaborate, he said, "Let me give you some examples. In 1978, we had a customer who abused our generosity, so we needed to plug that hole. In 1997, we had another customer who took advantage of our return policy, so we made sure that will not happen again."
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The Customer, The Missing CEO, And The Miracle That Will Not Happen

Article posted: May 01, 2012 by Lior Arussy

An interesting issue emerged during my recent presentation of the results of customer experience diagnostics to a B2B company. Top clients of the company indicated that, unlike other vendors they work with, my client does not have executive sponsorship of the relationships.
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10 Lessons In Transforming Customer Experience

Article posted: Apr 19, 2012 by Cynthia Clark

Arussy identified 10 questions that drivers of change need to ask in order to execute a successful transformation
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The Right Experience

Article posted: Apr 01, 2012 by Deena Katz

Are you purposefully and holistically managing each touch point a client has with you, your staff and your firm?
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The Customer Is NOT Always Right

Article posted: Mar 01, 2012 by Lior Arussy

This is not an attention-grabbing title. It is a simple truth. Several years ago, Southwest Airlines employees charged an obese passenger for two seats. The passenger sued the company. Southwest defended its position in court and won.
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Technology Isn't Everything

Article posted: Feb 01, 2012 by Lior Arussy

The race to delight customers is on. Companies continue to pursue this goal, hoping to differentiate themselves from the competition. In today's economic environment, however, the mandate is to do so with a fast return on investment. As we work with clients, they demonstrate their commitment to invest in customer experience, but when we drill down deeper, we discover that they are most inclined to invest in technology. Technology is important. But on its own, it is insufficient.
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Are You Willing To Socialize With Your Customers?

Article posted: Nov 01, 2011 by Lior Arussy

My son recently had surgery scheduled (he is OK, thanks for asking). After my family had arrived at the surgery center at the appointed time, 9 a.m., we waited for two hours without help or any sign of progress. I asked the secretary when my son was scheduled to go into surgery, and she gave a few responses, all of them evasive. Then the nurse arrived and she, too, was full of noncommittal answers. Eventually, the administrator offered a full commitment—and his business card. Still, no one had answered my straightforward question: When is my son scheduled for surgery?
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Employees' Pride And Passion - Stop The Erosion - Drive Loyalty.

Article posted: Sep 25, 2011 by Lior Arussy

Employees' pride and passion drives loaylty. But you can't pay people to deliver them.
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The Three Foundational Elements Of Customer Experience Excellence

Article posted: Mar 28, 2011 by Elizabeth Glagowski

The customer experience. Many CEOs talk about it. Technology companies offer tools to enhance it. Feedback efforts are designed to improve it. But in reality, many companies are frustrated with a lack of momentum around their customer experience efforts.
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It’s All About Execution And Measurable Results

Article posted: Mar 04, 2011 by Lior Arussy

What is customer experience? Is it a framework, concept, technology, journey mapping, soft skills training?
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Customer Experience 2.0 - A Disciplined Blueprint For Execution

Article posted: Jan 01, 2011 by Lior Arussy

We are tired of the entertainment, is the statement we heard from a chief customer officer of a major European mobile provider. It was a message of frustration from an executive who has been engaged in customer experience efforts for several years but has very little to show for it.
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Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

Article posted: Nov 04, 2010 by Lior Arussy

Recently I came across a conversation in one of the customer portals. The article discussed the need to link customer satisfaction metrics to compensation in order to obtain real commitment. One of the so-called gurus took the time to post a comment that basically boiled down to, “This is old news—we’re in co-creation world now.” I was pissed and I gave him a piece of my mind.
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The Social Experience – Respect Your Customers And Be Realistic

Article posted: Oct 01, 2010 by Lior Arussy

Social media is all the rage these days. If you are not on the dominant social media sites you simply do not exist. Herded by advertising and PR agencies promising greater customer engagement, companies are flocking into Facebook, Twitter and everything that smells social media.
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Knowledge Review: What Experience Would You Like with That?

Article posted: Sep 01, 2010 by Theodore Kinni

Greetings from Williamsburg,Va., an outpost on the new frontier called the experience economy. Well, maybe not so new. John D. Rockefeller Jr., the only son of Senior, who was, of course, the founder of Standard Oil and an iconic figure in the rise of the unfettered industrial economy, began buying up this sleepy Tidewater town in the 1920s.
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Blog Talk Radio: Episode 25 Lior Arussy

Article posted: Sep 01, 2010 by Lior Arussy

Lior is an author, visionary, consultant, and creative catalyst. He is the founder of Strativity Group.
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Customer Experience: It’s A Strategy Not A Complaint Reduction Programme

Article posted: Jun 23, 2010 by Lior Arussy

At a recent visit in Spain I was introduced to a local bank that describe to me his customer experience challenges. "We are very committed to customer experience," the Spanish bankers declared. "We even commissioned our own scent to be sprayed in all the branches." They reaffirmed the commitment. "So where is your next challenge?" I inquired. "The employees, "they responded, "they are not engaged."
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Social Media: Are We Really Listening?

Article posted: Jun 09, 2010 by Lior Arussy

I recently attended a panel at an SAP annual conference in Orlando where the subject of social media and Social Client Relationship Management was discussed. The need to engage with customers through the new channels was iterated multiple times. The message was clear -- communication without really listening and responding isn't communication.
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The Tribal Evangelist

Article posted: May 11, 2010 by Lior Arussy

The Web provides an incredible opportunity to generate referrals, and yet the corporate world has barely begun to leverage this potentially powerful resource: the chance to create authentic evangelism.
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The Profit And Opportunity Of Customer Experience

Article posted: May 10, 2010 by Lior Arussy

Is the investment in customer experience worth it? Will it deliver a long-term benefit and payoff?
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Webinar: The Collaborative Customer Experience

Article posted: May 06, 2010 by Lior Arussy & Lori Angalich

Webinar: The Collaborative Customer Experience
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Stupid Is As Stupid Does: This Shouldn't Apply To Your Customers

Article posted: May 06, 2010 by Lior Arussy

Organizations fall into two categories: Some treat their customers respectfully, consider them to be smart and sophisticated, value the relationships, and engage them in a mutually beneficial ways.
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Tiny Screw Syndrome (TSS) – The Disease Of Customer Experience Performance

Article posted: Apr 01, 2010 by Lior Arussy

Much has been written about the critical success factors inherent in customer experience strategies. We all lament the challenge of obtaining senior executive support; conflicting agendas; and lack of resources and investment. For one or another reason many organizations are simply unable to overcome these challenges.
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Creating Effective Leadership Sponsorship For Customer Experience Strategy

Article posted: Mar 17, 2010 by Lior Arussy

In preparation for a customer experience strategy launch, I sat down with the senior leader sponsoring the initiative ad briefed him on the need to demonstrate commitment. He in return stood up at the beginning of the meeting and announced "we are going to do this. If you disagree consider yourself fired. Any questions so far?"
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Cashing In On Customer Experience

Article posted: Jan 05, 2010 by Christopher Musico

New research from Strativity Group finds consumers are willing to pay a premium for goods and services if companies deliver quality experiences.
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Why A Traditional Siloed CRM Approach Is Doomed

Article posted: Jan 01, 2010 by Volker Hildebrand and Vinay Iyer, SAP

In a 2009 Strativity Group study of 869 executives, 80% of those surveyed declared that customer-facing strategies are high on their corporate agendas — and are even more important than they were three years ago.1 Strativity’s research also shows that companies that invest 10% or more of their revenues in the customer experience realize a far greater number of customer-driven referrals.
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Good Customer Service Is Worth Every Penny

Article posted: Jan 01, 2010 by Meredith Schwartz

It is often said that customer service is what sets independent specialty retailers apart, lets them compete with big box stores despite usually higher prices, and keeps their customers loyal.
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You Are What You Measure

Article posted: Oct 01, 2009 by Lior Arussy

Can we measure how much has been written about metrics and measurements for customer relationships? There’s obviously boundless interest: At every conference, at least one person approaches me with a version of the classic “What should be the average handling time of calls for financial services customers in the Midwest?”
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To Whom Are Customers Loyal?

Article posted: Sep 01, 2009 by Lior Arussy

Imagine that you are about to open a savings account with the promise of a new microwave as a reward for your decision to do business with the bank. While the offer might sound great, the “suspicious” customer in you will likely ask if there is any “catch.” When the bank representative explains that acceptance of the microwave will lead to a lower interest rate on your account, you will then have to decide whether or not you want to take the deal. These “catches” are not limited to the banking industry.
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Why Customer Loyalty Matters

Article posted: Aug 06, 2009 by

A lot of organizations pat themselves on the back when their percent of satisfied customers is consistently in the high 90s. In contrast, a lot of high-performing organizations ignore customer satisfaction scores because the scores don’t reveal what needs to be improved or how loyal these satisfied customers are.
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"Our Customer Did Not Leave" Is Not A Customer Strategy

Article posted: Jun 25, 2009 by Lior Arussy

“Our customers rarely leave us,” I was recently told by an executive. “I understand all about customer strategy, but it is not relevant for my company. The moment we get them, they stay,” he added with great conviction.
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The Financial Discipline Of Customer Experience

Article posted: Apr 01, 2009 by Lior Arussy

For many executives, the current economic times pose an unprecedented challenge – they need to make harder and tougher decisions about where to invest and where to reduce expenses. While this type of decision was made in previous recessionary times, it seems that the current crisis requires deeper cuts which actually touch the core value of what the organization delivers to its customers.
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Is Customer Experience Relevant In Tough Economic Times

Article posted: Apr 01, 2009 by Lior Arussy

This question is raised in every organization as we go into a difficult financial year. For many the answer is unequivocal “NO”
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The Top 10 Customer Experience Questions

Article posted: Mar 01, 2009 by Lior Arussy

We've compile@d this list of the top 10 customer experience questions and answers from Lior Arussy, President of Strativity Group. Lior receives hundreds of customer experience management questions every year, so chances...
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Podcast: Lior Arussy On The Customer Experience In An Economic Decline

Article posted: Jan 19, 2009 by Barney Beal

The upcoming year presents some significant challenges for the customer experience as many organizations are cutting staff, budgets and programs. While conventional wisdom holds that it is during a recession that maintaining and getting the most out of your existing customers is more important than ever, that can be hard with fewer people and resources. We sat down with Lior Arussy, president of the Strativity Group, to discuss how organizations can keep focused on the customer experience amidst these challenges.
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Do You Have A Customer Experience Management Checklist?

Article posted: Jan 07, 2009 by Ginger Conlon

1 to 1 Marketing Editor Ginger Conlon was at Strativity Group’s two-day customer experience management (CEM) certification course and came away with a list of things to do for companies looking to make CEM a part of their DNA. She suggest that companies value customer not from a market share perspective, but from a relationship perspective.
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Neuromarketing Isn't Marketing

Article posted: Jan 01, 2009 by Lior Arussy

For quite some time I've been growing increasingly uncomfortable about a particular trend in marketing. I am referring to the "science" of neuromarketing.
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Passion Play - Customer Relationships Are A Marriage, Not A Fling

Article posted: Dec 11, 2008 by Lior Arussy

What many companies need is a corporate marriage counselor. Someone to help companies fall in love with their customers, and stay in love.
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Customer Experience In Challenging Economic Times - Part 2

Article posted: Dec 01, 2008 by Lior Arussy

In the previous article, we discussed the implications of cost cutting initiatives on the customer experience - principally the dilution of the customer experience and the eventual erosion in customer loyalty, revenue and profit.
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Customer Experience In Challenging Economic Times - Part 1

Article posted: Dec 01, 2008 by Lior Arussy

It's that time of the year again - budget time. Companies throughout the United States are working on next year's budgets, a challenging endeavor given the uncertainty and negative sentiment surrounding the economy.
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Virtual Spenders

Article posted: Nov 05, 2008 by Lior Arussy

It's becoming increasingly obvious that customers' expectations are changing - and a better experience is what they're coming to expect. Simply becoming efficient in completing a transaction is no longer the optimal result - a fact driven home by Lior Arussy, president of customer experience consultancy Strativity Group, during the opening keynote at CRM magazine's destinationCRM 2008 conference in later August.
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A Customer Experience Emergency - Call 911

Article posted: Sep 01, 2008 by Lior Arussy

On August 5, 2008, Reginald Peterson entered his local Subway and ordered two sandwiches. When he realized that the sandwiches were prepared without his favorite sauce he preceded to call 911!
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A Latte Of Customer Loyalty

Article posted: Aug 18, 2008 by Lauren McKay

The customer experience was the heart of the matter during this morning’s destination CRM pre-conference seminar led by Strativity Group president Lior Arussy.
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The New Vs. Recycled Customer - A Customer Experience Challenge

Article posted: Aug 01, 2008 by Lior Arussy

If you represent a cell phone provider, insurance company or financial services institution, ask yourself how many new customers your organization acquires every year. Before you answer the question, let's agree on the definition of a "new customer."
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The Starbucks Customer Experience – A Work In Progress

Article posted: Jul 01, 2008 by Lior Arussy

Several months ago I expressed my confidence in Starbucks ability to reinvigorate its flagging customer experience. My belief was rooted in Starbucks' customer centric DNA and its commitment to reconnect with customers who were increasingly disenfranchised with the company’s experience.
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The Business Case For Customer Experience

Article posted: Jun 01, 2008 by Lior Arussy

You've just completed your well prepared presentation to senior management emphasizing the need to implement a customer experience strategy, and it couldn't have gone any better.
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Gaining From Customer Satisfaction (CNBC)

Article posted: May 18, 2008 by Ariel Nelson

We have all had some miserable customer service experiences and as we sit on hold or try to navigate through yet another voice response system, we wonder how can these companies get away with this. In fact, a 2006 Harris Interactive Poll showed 40% of us would rather go to the dentist than deal with poor customer service. My most recent mind numbing experience with my phone company, Verizon, made me wonder if there is money to made off of this. Here is what I found...
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Good Enough Is NOT Customer Experience

Article posted: May 01, 2008 by Lior Arussy

We live in a world of excellence or mediocrity, in which our customers demand the absolute best. Customers are increasingly refusing to settle for mediocre products or services, preferring premium experiences – for which they are willing to pay premium prices.
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Where Has All The Commitment Gone?

Article posted: Apr 01, 2008 by Lior Arussy

"We must focus on the customers." "Customer experience is critical to our success." "Without true customer centricity, we will lose our competitive advantage." "Everything we do must be to add value to customers." "At the heart of our business is the customer." "A customer strategy is the key to our growth." "Customers no longer ask for products, they demand complete customer experiences."
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Creating Amazing Customer Experience - Excellence Or Consistency

Article posted: Apr 01, 2008 by Lior Arussy

We live in challenging times. Customers' expectations are increasing exponentially. Their tolerance for anything less than amazing is diminishing. They demand excellence or they go elsewhere. Competitors are trying harder to delight customers constantly raising the customers' expectation bar. On the other hand, cost reduction efforts are everywhere.
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Creating Organizational Excellence Through Customer Experience

Article posted: Mar 01, 2008 by Lior Arussy

The average call center employee handles 40 calls a day and 10,000 calls annually. These calls represent some of the thousands of Daily Choices this employee has the opportunity to make every year. Top-down decisions from the CEO have little if any impact on this employee's Daily Choices.
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The Starbucks Experience - Now What?

Article posted: Feb 01, 2008 by Lior Arussy

Over the past several months, Starbucks Coffee has released a slew of announcements highlighting the precarious situation of the once dominant purveyor of $4 lattés. During 2007, store traffic was essentially flat and Starbucks even witnessed the first quarterly decline in the US, since 2004.
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Customer Experience: Fulfilling The Promise

Article posted: Jan 01, 2008 by Lior Arussy

Remember signing up for your wireless service? If so, you can probably recall the sales person enthusiastically promising you many years of uninterrupted service with the coolest technology available.
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Do You Care About Your Customers’ Information

Article posted: Dec 01, 2007 by Lior Arussy

Have you ever heard stories about corporate files being stolen that contained salary and benefit information about corporate executives? How about incidents where companies sent CDs that contained their newest product formulas via regular mail?
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Customer Experience And Price Pressure: Why Do Customers Routinely Seek Discounts?

Article posted: Nov 01, 2007 by Lior Arussy

Tis the season to be shopping! While many forecasts point to a decline in holiday spending, the National Retail Federation forecasts holiday sales to grow 4 percent to $474.5 billion, down from 4.6 percent growth the prior year.
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The Personality Of A Customer Experience Leader

Article posted: Sep 01, 2007 by Lior Arussy

The success of any customer experience initiative rests with executive sponsorship. Without executive sponsorship, customer experience initiatives and strategies are doomed to failure.
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Imperfect Scores

Article posted: Jul 01, 2007 by Lior Arussy

"Would you be willing to recommend us?" This question, underlying the Net Promoter Score (NPS) concept, is capturing the imagination of many executives in diverse industries (See "Influential Leaders" September 2007). Tired of five-inch-thick reports on customer satisfaction -- most of them simply Excel graphs in rainbow colors -- executives are flocking faster than ever to the NPS, gravitating to the concept due to its simplicity and clarity.
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Customer Experience In Procedures And Processes Or Why Customers Refuse To Follow The Rules

Article posted: Jul 01, 2007 by Lior Arussy

During a recent customer experience seminar, participants raised a common challenge regarding their ability to delight and even satisfy customers. Nearly all agreed that consistently delighting customers is virtually impossible when customers routinely believe that their individual cases are exceptions and that existing policies and procedures should not be applied to their problems.
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The Language Of Customer Experience

Article posted: Jun 11, 2007 by Lior Arussy

Imagine a customer who asks a server to bring him some extra napkins. The server brings over the napkins with a smile and asks if there is anything else he can do for the customer. Now, imagine a different customer who asks a server to bring him some extra napkins. This server brings the customer a stack of napkins, grunts, and turns away without a word.
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Five Customer Experience Lessons From The Volcanic Cloud

Article posted: Apr 26, 2007 by Lior Arussy

Regular contributor Lior Arussy was one of the many victims of the volcano ash cloud, stranded in the UK while waiting for European airspace to reopen so that he could return to the US. Here, he details his experiences - and outlines the lessons that businesses need to learn from the crisis.
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Departing From Your Customers – ‘Goodbye’ Or ‘Until We Meet Again?’

Article posted: Dec 01, 2006 by Lior Arussy

We all focus on attracting and retaining customers. Our efforts, resources and creativity are geared towards this goal. However, very little attention is given to the manner in which we depart from our customers.
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Beware The Faulty Satisfaction Survey

Article posted: Oct 01, 2006 by Lior Arussy

I recently reviewed the results of a market research survey conducted to identify loyalty factors and map the customer experience at the behest of one of my clients. The company that conducted the survey identified specific loyalty factors that my client "should" focus on to build greater relationships with its customers. I recently reviewed the results of a market research survey conducted to identify loyalty factors and map the customer experience at the behest of one of my clients. The company that conducted the survey identified specific loyalty factors that my client "should" focus on to build greater relationships with its customers.
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Customer Surveys – What’s The Purpose

Article posted: Aug 01, 2006 by Lior Arussy

What is the real purpose of customer surveys? The answer changes, depending on who you ask. Ask a company, and they will tell you that they are seeking feedback and validation. Pose the same question to a customer, and she will say that she invests time taking customer surveys because she seeks change and action.
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Redefining Self Service Experience – The Tribal Customer

Article posted: Jul 01, 2006 by Lior Arussy

The first article in this series described the utilitarian customer and the manner in which companies address his needs through self-service applications. However, despite their best efforts to delight the customer through the web, companies have rarely succeeded in elevating their web experiences beyond experience parity to a point of competitive differentiation.
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Embrace Complexity

Article posted: Jul 01, 2006 by Lior Arussy

One of the largest banks in the United States recently executed a simplification process that included the elimination of a large amount of contact phone numbers. Now, due to this simplification, the bank's Web site no longer contains phone numbers assigned to any of its branches. Every customer must contact a single, central toll free number. The result?
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Redefining The Self Service Experience – The Utilitarian Customer

Article posted: Jun 06, 2006 by Lior Arussy

Self service interactions have been a hot topic on the corporate customer relationship agenda for the last few years. Serving a role as cost buster, self service was eventually embraced with gusto by corporate executives. The first generation of self service efforts focused on simplifying the web experience of customers.
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Corporate Accountability - Achievable Oxymoron?

Article posted: Jan 08, 2006 by Lior Arussy

Companies talk about their values all the time in their advertisements. They say they are committed. They talk about building trust with their customers. They talk about caring about how we feel about their products and services.
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How To Create A Great Customer Experience

Article posted: Jan 01, 2006 by Lior Arussy

The question "how do we get started?" frequently crops up. Despite the fact that there is a mass of material available in the realm of customer experience, it seems to be too abstract in nature to help practitioners bring it to reality in their organizations.
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Decisions At The Moment Of Truth

Article posted: Sep 03, 2005 by Lior Arussy

I recently attended a Formula 1 car race in Europe. Being close to the pit and having a special access pass allowed me to view all the activities surrounding the cars and the way they were managed. Although I have seen car races on TV before, the actual experience was much more amazing that the TV version.
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Congratulations, You Are At Par: The New Four P’s

Article posted: Mar 01, 2005 by Lior Arussy

The traditional four Ps of marketing, Product, Placement, Price, and Promotion, were subjected to massive depreciation in the last few years. None of them now provide a sustainable differentiation that justifies loyalty and customer commitment
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Stop Wasting Your Money On Customers!

Article posted: Jul 08, 2003 by Lior Arussy

At all times your investment of resources and efforts should be aligned with two critical dimensions of your customer relationships: the differentiating touch points and the profitable customer segment. Any investment outside of these dimensions will be considered wasteful and unjustified.
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The Efficient Lover

Article posted: May 12, 2003 by Lior Arussy

It is really not me, it is you," he said. "You see here is the chart of our relationship as I was tracking it so carefully." He pulled the color-coded chart full of red spots and very few yellow and green spots. Surprised, she was staring at the chart, not aware that it existed until a minute ago.
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How To Ignore Your Most Loyal Customers

Article posted: Aug 01, 2002 by Lior Arussy

Identifying market trends and determining customers’ wishes is an ongoing challenge for businesses worldwide.
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