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Topic: Shared Centricity

Explore the fundamentals of CEM, its business rationale, and the first steps of customer centricity.

If You Want A Profitable Business, You Need To 'Fire The Wrong Customers'

Article posted: Feb 12, 2013 by Vivian Giang

The key to dominating your industry is knowing exactly who the right customers are for your business.
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An Open Letter From A CEO To Customer Experience Practitioners

Article posted: Nov 10, 2011 by Lior Arussy

Lior Arussy puts himself in the shoes of a CEO to pen an open letter commenting on the behavior of customer experience practitioners and consultants.
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Wanted - A Courageous CEO!

Article posted: Dec 01, 2009 by Lior Arussy

This is an open letter to CEOs everywhere. Feel free to hand a copy to your CEO and / or your senior executives ASAP.
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Is Customer Loyalty Dead?

Article posted: Oct 01, 2009 by Louise Druce

Customers are now scrutinising firms more than ever when it comes to the products and customer experience they offer. So is customer loyalty dead? Lior Arussy gives his thoughts.
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Transforming To Become Customer Centric Organization

Article posted: Aug 01, 2009 by Lior Arussy

“How can companies with ingrained product-centric business models transform themselves into customer-centric organizations?”
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To Tweet Or Not To Tweet: That’s NOT The Question

Article posted: Jun 05, 2009 by Lior Arussy

Here we are again. A new technology is taking over and the world as we know it is coming to an end. The advent of this latest and greatest technology allows individuals to broadcast short messages of up to 140 characters anytime, anywhere.
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Customers - Without Them We Are Nothing

Article posted: May 05, 2009 by Lior Arussy

Sometimes the truth hits you so sharply and strongly that it becomes impossible to ignore. During a recent visit to the Doubletree Hotel in Madison Wisconsin I was fortunate to find myself chatting with Moria, the hotel’s assistant front desk manger about the hotel’s excellent customer experience.
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CRM Upgrades: Promises and Pitfalls

Article posted: Nov 05, 2008 by Nicole Lewis

A CRM upgrade can be an opportunity to reassess your company’s business goals and improve its services, efficiencies and costs. But switching to a new CRM version requires forethought, planning and a company-wide agreement that an upgrade can substantially improve client services.
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Customer Experience Or Nothing! When Customer Satisfaction Is Not Enough

Article posted: Aug 01, 2008 by Lior Arussy

So you measure customer satisfaction. The results seem to be good and you show some improvement. But somehow when you talk to customers they seem to never appreciate your services.
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At Least We're Making Our Numbers

Article posted: Jul 01, 2008 by Lior Arussy

I recently spoke at a customer experience conference, and as I was listening to the other presentations, the theme was very consistent: "Customer experience is key to the company’s success." "No organization can afford to not do it." "The rewards are significant."
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Where Has All The Commitment Gone?

Article posted: Apr 01, 2008 by Lior Arussy

"We must focus on the customers." "Customer experience is critical to our success." "Without true customer centricity, we will lose our competitive advantage." "Everything we do must be to add value to customers." "At the heart of our business is the customer." "A customer strategy is the key to our growth." "Customers no longer ask for products, they demand complete customer experiences."
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In Customer Experience Change Is Not An Option

Article posted: Oct 01, 2007 by Lior Arussy

Everyone loves change so long as they aren't the ones that have to change. Today's companies are facing greater pressures than at any other time in recent memory with increasingly stiff competition, intense price pressure and changing market dynamics that threaten existing business models.
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Is Your Customer Smart Or Stupid?

Article posted: Aug 01, 2007 by Lior Arussy

What kind of a question is it? You may ask. The cynic in you will respond - "Of course they are smart, they bought are products!" But the question I am raising goes beyond the entertaining factor. It is a serious question that every company that attempts to connect to its customers ought to consider very carefully.
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Ain't It Rich?

Article posted: Jul 01, 2007 by Lior Arussy

There's a growing distaste among shoppers at luxury brand stores. Some recent press reports cite customers' complaints about inattentive staff ignoring their needs and about indifferent treatment.
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The Only Question You Should Ask Yourself

Article posted: Jan 03, 2007 by Lior Arussy

"What would you do if I could provide you with a new business model that would allow you to meet all of your financial goals without ever needing to deal with a single customer? Would you still be attending this presentation, looking for ways to excite and delight your customers?"
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What Is The Real Value Of Your Products?

Article posted: Nov 01, 2006 by Lior Arussy

An owner of an Indian restaurant in Tel Aviv, Israel, built his establishment on the foundation of customer choice – with a twist. Customers order the meal of their choice from a menu without prices and at the end of the meal, they are asked to pay according to their perceived value of the meal. The customer sets the price!
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What Do You Call Your Customers?

Article posted: Oct 01, 2006 by Lior Arussy

What do you call your customer? What names do you use to describe the customers with whom you are dealing?
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Making The Strategic Choice

Article posted: Jun 21, 2006 by Lior Arussy

The road to "Customer Focus Land" is paved with great intentions. As the AMA/HRI Customer Focus Survey Results 2006 indicate, respondents know what needs to be done. They are fully aware of the need for executive sponsorship, ongoing contact with customers and fast complaint resolution.
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Short Term Revenues At The Price Of Long Term Loyalty

Article posted: May 01, 2006 by Lior Arussy

I would like to congratulate all the customers of Northwest Airlines who loudly raised their voices. The airline announced cancellation of their plan to charge a premium price of $15 for exit row seats. The short lived plan apparently received such loud objections from customers to the point that the airline was forced to cave in.
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Captive Customers – Reality Or Fiction

Article posted: Apr 01, 2006 by Lior Arussy

"Our customers rarely leave us," I was recently told by an executive. "I understand all about customer strategy, but it is not relevant for my company. The moment we get them, they stay," he added with great conviction. For a brief moment this executive's argument sounded like customer heaven for his company had identified a method for retaining customers with minimal investment. Reality was quite different.
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The Biggest Enemy Of Customer Strategies

Article posted: Jan 24, 2006 by Lior Arussy

"By becoming a customer centric organization we will be more profitable." "We must focus on the customers." "The customer is the reason we are all here."
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Is Your Product Really That Great

Article posted: Jan 01, 2006 by Lior Arussy

Loyalty programs won't work if a company's core product or service is perceived to have little or no value. If you're like many customers you carry several loyalty cards from your local supermarket, video store, or coffee shop (get-a-free-coffee punch cards are popular). How many airline mileage programs do you belong to?
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Where Do We Get Started? – The Quick Hits Are Under Your Nose!

Article posted: Dec 01, 2005 by Lior Arussy

So you want to delight your customers. Your company realized that the price pressure is not going to ease anytime soon (most likely will intensify to the point of impossible to bear). The customer turnover trend is pointing upwards while the profitability trend is pointing downward (it was really suppose to be the other way around. Something went wrong in the strategic process).
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The Art of Selling IT

Article posted: Nov 01, 2005 by Lior Arussy

Capture cooperation and excitement around CRM technology for its full benefits. The following conversation took place with a client not too long ago: "We are committed to the new CRM system--we can hardly wait for the implementation."
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If You Benchmark, You’ll Find Customer-Centricity Sells Itself

Article posted: Jul 14, 2005 by Lior Arussy

Every company is absolutely convinced that it is customer centric. Serving the customers, the CEO will argue, is what everyone in his operation does. After all, he sent a memo to everyone in the organization about the importance of the customer.
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A Question Of Execution

Article posted: Jul 02, 2005 by Lior Arussy

In my recent trips around the world I am coming across different slogans produced by ad agencies all claming total commitment to the customers. Taking you more personally declares Qatar Airways. Emotionally yours' is the promise of the Indian Airlines, Sahara. These slogans are no different than many others produced by brilliant (at least by their own description) advertising agencies who are trying to dress their clients with more customer centric messages.
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Why Aren’t They Selling More?

Article posted: Jun 03, 2005 by Lior Arussy

"Why aren't they selling more?" a bank CEO recently asked me. "The bank is open so many hours a day and my people should be able to sell more of our services to our customers", he argued, obviously frustrated. This question, in one form or another, is being asked more and more by clients.
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So Do You Really Love Your Customers?

Article posted: May 04, 2005 by Lior Arussy

Lior Arussy reports on ground-breaking global comparative research that drills down into what organisations really think about their relationships with customers Î with some surprising and disturbing results.
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Make Customer Strategies Work: An Interview With Lior Arussy

Article posted: Apr 22, 2005 by Bob Thompson

In today's business world, there is a serious disconnect between intentions and executions, says Lior Arussy, author of Passionate & Profitable: Why Customers Strategies Fail and 10 Steps To Do Them Right! (John Wiley & Sons, 2005).
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Passionate & Profitable! The Economics Of Customer Relationships

Article posted: Mar 09, 2005 by Lior Arussy

Following the release of our 2003 Customer Experience Management Global Survey, and the results that were revealed last year, we felt compelled to identify the root cause of the inherent conflict between the nature of the customer and the nature of the company.
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The New User Centric Prism, A New Role For IT

Article posted: Nov 01, 2004 by Lior Arussy

The technology world has undergone a number of significant changes in the last two decades. New technologies changed the foundations of traditional companies and gave birth to fresh ones. Markets and industries underwent fundamental transformations due to technological advances.
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Efficiency Versus Quality

Article posted: Aug 01, 2003 by Lior Arussy

Efficiency is not a winning strategy when it comes to dealing with people. Why is it, then, that we think we can create lasting customer relationships while measuring to the second--and constantly trying to reduce--the average talk time for service calls?
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