Customer Experience Must Be Founded On Customer Love – 1to1Media

Posted On August 18, 2016
By Lior Arussy

Before organizations rush to apply the latest innovation to their customer experience strategies, they should ask themselves this simple question: “Why do you love your customers?” 

You cannot design an amazing customer experience with all the bells and whistles without a solid foundation. If you do not love your customers—let alone respect them—even your best design will disappoint and fall flat. This is true for Room 2406, and for the whole 24th floor for that matter, at the Virgin Hotel in Chicago.

When I checked in to the hotel, I was full of excitement. I have been a huge fan of the Virgin brand for years and was looking forward to the quirky Britishness that the Virgin Hotel in Chicago had to offer. While the hotel’s lobby was designed consistently with the Virgin brand (I know from their airline whose check-in is as digital as it gets with touch screens and iPads), I was in for a rude awakening when I entered my hotel room. Loud music filled the room, vibrating the walls and all of its contents like a speaker box. And guess what? It didn’t stop. I was confused because I was on the 24th floor of the hotel, so I couldn’t understand where the noise would be coming from. My complaint to the hotel resulted in a lack of love and a simple discovery.

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