“Customer Experience is not just about

passion. It is about profitable results.”

~Lior Arussy

Customer Experience In Search of Courage and Action

Posted: May 12, 2016 by Lior Arussy

During the past two years, it seems that the customer experience industry has been taken over by technology. It seems as though we are bound to repeat the CRM industry mistake of putting the cart before the horse and rushing to implement technology without the strategic and operational context for success. At its height, CRM showed 50 percent failure rate. Hundreds of millions of dollars were wasted yearly because the focus was on technology implementation, not strategic intent and execution. 

Once again, we are allowing technologists to make broad statements declaring that CX is about Voice of Customer (VOC) programs, social and mobile channels, or the latest online self-service tools (all in the name of appealing to Millennials, of course). Reducing customer experience to a number or a tool diminishes its true potential impact. It also ensures lack of support from senior leadership. After all, they are not the IT department.

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