Engaged employees deliver purposeful experiences and exceptional results.
“Employees create the customer experience. Without delightful employee experiences, there can be no customer delight. You cannot initiate one without the other—it’s that simple.”

Strativity Group’s proprietary IMCO™ Employee Engagement Model enables organizations to:


  • Understand your employee engagement and performance in an actionable way
  • Identify core relationship issues requiring change
  • Have a granular view into employees’ mindsets
  • Obtain high level tracking of employees’ engagement
  • Identify segments or subgroups, such as regional and functional areas of challenge
  • Track progress from year to year


The IMCO™ Model is a highly flexible and customizable proprietary tool which provides a comprehensive assessment of employee effectiveness and commitment. The model assesses employee engagement through four (4) key relationships:


as an Individual
with their Managers
with Customers
with the Organization as a whole.


The IMCO™ Model tracks closely to eNPS, in that the more engaged an employee, the stronger the organization’s eNPS. Exploring performance on all four (4) relationships provides a holistic view of employee engagement as well as insights that enable specific actions which can be taken to increase employee engagement. The results identify where employees sit on the spectrum between Impact Performance (Engaged Employees) and Functional Performance (Disengaged Employees).


In addition to the IMCO™ Employee Engagement Study, Strativity offers an integrated solution design to improve performance:


Action Planning – We facilitate a review of IMCO™ survey results, a dialogue about root causes, and the development of timeline-based action plans.


Coaching & Execution – We provide targeted coaching sessions where opportunities to improve are identified and addressed.


Skills & Leadership – Our PACE Your Performance program teaches team managers the skills to empower employees to perform exceptionally.


Transforming your employees’ performance requires a complete approach from a partner who has done it before, and it would be our privilege to partner with you on your journey. How can we help?

Download “National IMCO Study Results” to inspire or support your customer experience strategy.

How can we help?

Download National IMCO Study Results

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