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Our events educate, inspire, and activate. They offer attendees the opportunity to interact with the best minds in Customer Experience Management, Cultural Transformation, Employee Engagement, Research and Training and to take with them innovative insights, strategies, and tactics to help begin and advance an organization’s transition to total customer centricity.  

From our renowned CEM Certification programs to online workshops and webcasts– available anytime, anywhere– our events and workshops provide immersive and enriching learning experiences for all levels of  professionals.

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Media Brand Summit - How To Evolve With Today's Customer (September 11-14)
Sep 11, 2016
Coronado, California

Today's customers have high expectations, to say the least. They adopt new platforms and apps at a staggeringly quick rate, expect the perfect blend of personalization and privacy from their favorite brands, and can leave a brand quickly after a negative experience.

Strativity's Jason Burnham will discuss “Evolving Towards Customer-Centric Digital Singularity”

The lines between digital and physical touchpoints have become blurred from the customer perspective. People simply want to find what they need fast and with minimal effort. Their behavior truly is channel and device agnostic and all communication touchpoints are integrating with digital platforms in one way or another. We now operate in a world of digital ubiquity. 

While businesses rapidly undergo digital transformation efforts to create operational efficiencies, they must not do so at the sacrifice of creating exceptional customer experiences. A human-centered design approach to CX innovation is necessary to better serve the needs and demands of today's consumer. Exponential advancements in technology provide opportunities to create rich and dynamic customer experiences that build brand advocacy, loyalty and retention. 

Businesses must also consider how tomorrow's consumer will evolve. With the emergence of augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence and robotics, and wearables and the Internet of things, the lines between the physical and digital world blur even further. Soon enough, technological and biological fusion will require the need for businesses to design CX strategies for the age of customer-centric digital singularity. Businesses focused on long term sustainability, must begin building a foundation to meet the future demands of tomorrow’s consumer. 


3rd Annual Digital Customer Experience Strategies Summit (Sept. 13-14, 2016)
Sep 13, 2016
Chicago Marriott Magnificent Mile Hotel, Chicago IL
Create a Unified and Seamless Customer Experience Through Digital. Join our colleagues from Touchpoint Dashboard and learn how you can drive your company’s profitability by delivering the Digital CX insights today’s customers expect.
The Conference Board Webcast: Transformation in Action: 175 complete, many lessons learned
Sep 16, 2016

Why is change so difficult? Are we really focusing on the right things? 

The results of a recent Harvard Business Review Study, sponsored by Strativity Group, found some eye-opening truths about change. Join our conversation on what we really need to focus on for successful change programs. 

Who should attend: CEO, Senior to Mid-level Executives in change management, organization development/effectiveness, talent management, customer experience, leadership development, operations and strategy.

2016 Inspired Marketing Conference/AMA Annual Conference - October 5-7, 2016
Oct 05, 2016
Loews Sapphire Resort - Orlando, FL.
Looking to learn about current and future industry trends or insights, innovations and analytics? Whether B2B or a B2C the marketing information you seek can be found at this conference along with the opportunity for you to interact with the best marketing minds in the industry.
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Lior Arussy, founder and President of Stratitivity, is available for keynote and conference speaking engagements.

Lior’s acclaimed presentations address the topics which matter most to businesses and the people who lead them.

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