“Customer Experience is not just about

passion. It is about profitable results.”

~Lior Arussy

Evolving Customer Experience – Businesses Can Embrace a Culture of Feedback

Posted: May 15, 2014 by Dalya Arussy

Yelp and similar websites seem to be a common fear for today’s business owner. Why? Because these websites now act as venting forums rather than problem-solving tools. But think about it from the customer’s perspective: they just want their problems fixed. Wouldn’t that be more satisfying than feeling like you’re talking to a wall?

On Tuesday, Square announced an added component to their email and text-message receipts – Feedback, a customer review survey.

How Does it Work?

The customer receives the receipt with the option of clicking a smiley or frowny face to express their experience. From there, they are lead to a brief questionnaire with an option to elaborate on why the feel the way they do.

The response is immediately processed and the business owner receives a notification. The business owner has the opportunity to respond privately. With the customer’s consent, the seller can have a messaging conversation with them about the specific comment they left. The process is easy for the customer, includes direct interaction with the decision maker and allows business owners to solve problems out of the public eye.

Why This Will Work

Lior Arussy has spoken about mobile marketing and how best to utilize it in Customer Experience Strategy, and this product hits some of his key points:

  • Focus on your customer
    This isn’t a grand survey where all the responses are transformed into numbers. Feedback lets you interact with the individual responses so that your focus is on every individual customer and what concerns them.
  • Be respectful
    Let them choose if they want to be contacted on their phones. And then, don’t call them at inconvenient times. Just send them a message and let them respond at their convenience.
  • Add value and enrich the customers’ lives
    Make the customer’s life easier by obviously presenting them with the tool that will fix their problem.
  • Enable connection
    Have a conversation, the way we like to do on our mobile phones. For the growing number of people who don’t want to have long talks on the phone, the messaging component is the perfect dose of human interaction.

The Takeaway

We serve (and most of us are) the tribal customer – we love self-expression, which means Yelp isn’t going away any time soon. Businesses need to stay flexible so they can adapt to the ever-evolving customer experience landscape. But even when that landscape turns to technology, we don’t have to lose the human connection.

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