Fast Company: How To Get More Comfortable With Change

Posted On April 30, 2018
By Lior Arussy

By Gwen Moran, April 29, 2018

Whether you’re working for a promotion or trying to change jobs altogether, every career requires a measure of change. For those craving something new or different in their work lives, the people who manage change for a living can provide a few important insights. Change management professionals work with organizations to help plan, manage, and adapt to change. And some of the very strategies they use to help companies make their way forward through turbulent or uncertain times can apply to those who are working on moving their professional lives forward, too.


If you’re going to truly be open to change and its possibilities, you’ve got to release some of the comfortable ways of doing things. “We start our careers with high hopes and expectations, and we want to conquer the world. What happens too often is that eventually you get comfortable in a process or role or with a piece of technology we master,” says Lior Arussy, CEO and president of international consultancy Strativity Group and author of Next is Now: 5 Steps for Embracing Change – Building a Business that Thrives into the Future. That shifts us into the role of process operator. We stick with what we know and we’re reluctant to do things differently.

The number one challenge in change management is not the adoption of new tools or processes—it’s the assumption that change is a negative judgment on people’s past performance, Arussy says. When people feel threatened in that way, it’s difficult to see other opportunities. If you work in a bank as a cashier, for example, what does it mean when the bank transitions to automated cashiers? In your career, this complacency or attachment to the way things were can make you reluctant to stretch, try new things, and anticipate what the future holds, which can be dangerous to your career, he says.

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