91% of Companies Report Unsuccessful Change Programs: Strategy Execution Failure is the Norm

Posted On September 13, 2016
By Marketing

New study released today by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services uncovers disconnect between executives and employees.

NEW YORK, September 13, 2016 –Change is inevitable throughout business, but current change programs have failed to deliver as planned. According to Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, only 9% of people say that change initiatives succeeded in their company. The study, “Business Change: From Disruptor to Differentiator,” was sponsored by customer experience strategy leader Strativity Group.

The study of 442 business executives worldwide found that 63% of survey respondents agree on the benefits of change within a company. But the actions to execute suffer, as senior executives and their employees disconnect on discussing the changes and enforcing them. Poor communication was rated the highest of all the setbacks that prevent successful change programs. More than a quarter of those surveyed added that senior leadership is often unengaged in leading change. Implementing change involves giving employees a sense of purpose, expressing the importance of the changes, and understanding their concerns.

“Change programs represent the attempt to execute a new strategy,” according to Strativity President Lior Arussy. “When those programs fail to achieve their goals, it means that the company falls behind and fails to perform its strategies for success. It is time to develop a new discipline that will improve the odds of strategy execution success.”

Strativity developed and deployed employee centric change programs that incorporated the employees involvement from the onset unifying the organization around a core cause to accelerate change success.

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