Introducing Strativity’s IMCO™ Employee Engagement Programs

Posted On January 29, 2014
By Marketing

HACKENSACK, NJ, January 29, 2014 – Strativity Group, the world leader in Customer Experience transformation and Strategy Execution, introduces the integrated IMCO Employee Engagement Programs.

The traditional employee engagement method – survey with little follow up – results in statistics, but companies fail to execute strategy that would uproot the issues diagnosed and actually address employee engagement challenges. This leads to a breach of trust with employees, increased cynicism and the proliferation of problems leadership originally claimed they wanted to solve.

Strativity Group’s integrated IMCO™ Employee Engagement Programs assess employee engagement across the core 4 relationships employees have – Individual, Manager, Customer and Organization – and produce actionable insights. The IMCO™ programs go beyond the questionnaire and integrate 4 components that, altogether, lead to positive, lasting change, exceptional employee performance and improved financial results:

  • IMCO™ Employee Engagement Study
  • Action Planning at each business unit / region level
  • Coaching & Execution guidance
  • Skills & Leadership programs

“Companies need to move beyond the search for a score. It’s time to look at Employee Engagement as a reaffirmation of the relationship between a company and its employees,” says Lior Arussy, President of Strativity Group, Inc. “Strativity’s Employee Engagement Program was designed to avoid the top pitfalls of survey programs and to evolve performance to the next level.”

Join Strativity’s President, Lior Arussy, along with Director of Research Ed Murphy, for a webcast on February 20, 2014 from 3pm – 4pm EST that will explore:

  • Six false assumptions that lead to failure
  • The reasons why employees don’t respond
  • The 4 core relationships that directly affect employee engagement and productivity
  • How to design an effective and integrated employee engagement program

To register visit this link:

Who should attend? CEOs, CIOs, CLOs, CMOs, HR Directors, Talent Officers and related professions.

About Strativity Group, Inc.

Strativity is a global customer experience transformation firm which helps clients create delightful customer experiences and execute profitable customer strategies. Strativity measures success by a single method: execution. Strativity partners with clients through the entire process – from initial diagnostics, through innovation and organizational change, all the way to sustainability programs and training the last employee. Strativity works with large and emerging businesses around the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, UK and Norway. Among Strativity’s clients: FedEx, Mercedes-Benz, The New York Times, Capital One, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Royal Mail, Sage and Honeywell. Our work has impacted 200 million customers and 350,000 employees in 21 countries.

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