An Invitation to Love The Future

Posted On May 7, 2018
By Lior Arussy

Dear Friends, Colleagues and fellow proponents of change:

On May 15 my new book Next Is Now – 5 Steps For Embracing Change will be released.  I dedicated 2.5 years of my life to writing this book for a single reason: to help people stop fighting against change and start to embrace it with purpose.  When done right, change is not just tolerable, it is an accelerator for business and for life. To find more about why I wrote the book, read here.

“Read This Book – Your Future Depends on it” is what Marshal Goldsmith, New York Times best- selling author, said about the book. In the last few weeks, the book was featured on MSNBC, Cheddar TV, Fast Company, Inc., My Morning Routine and Thrive Global.

What change are you fighting today that is holding you from a better future?

What are your chances to win this fight?

Next is Now will help you sort through the above questions and many more.  You will discover

  1. The 6 change rejection personalities and how to address them
  2. The 5 steps to become Future Ready
  3. How to leverage your past to accelerate future change
  4. How to recognize and overcome your fear of change
  5. How to build new practices of adapting to future change
  6. Ten steps to lead change in your organization
  7. How to develop change resilience

This book was written for an audience greater than executives and business leaders. It was written for you and the people you care about.  Next Is Now is for your friends, family, employees, colleagues and every human being you see struggling in the futile fight against change.  Free them up to embrace change and develop change resilience.

While I want to get Next Is Now in the hands of as many people as possible (what author doesn’t?) I opted to skip the games and the freebies. You can get tons of great content and videos on  for free already.   Let’s do it the old fashioned, authentic and honest way.  Please buy as many books as you can afford for you and the people you care about.  If the book fails to move you and make an impact, simply send it to me and I will refund your money.  Yes, the old fashion “Money Back Guarantee”, no questions asked.

Help me spread the passion and love for the next.  Buy one, give one and share the message with others (email, tweeter, Facebook, you know the drill)

Thank you.  Lets make the world a bit happier by helping people get future ready and love it!