Join Our Strativity Employee Engagement Webcast – February 20, 2014

Posted On January 29, 2014
By Marketing

The traditional employee engagement method – survey with little follow up – results in statistics, but companies fail to execute strategy that would uproot the issues diagnosed and actually address employee engagement challenges. This leads to a breach of trust with employees, increased cynicism and the proliferation of problems leadership originally claimed they wanted to solve.

Strativity Group’s integrated IMCO™ Employee Engagement Programs assess employee engagement across the core 4 relationships employees have – Individual, Manager, Customer and Organization – and produce actionable insights. The IMCO™ programs go beyond the questionnaire and integrate 4 components that, altogether, lead to positive, lasting change, exceptional employee performance and improved financial results:

  • IMCO™ Employee Engagement Study
  • Action Planning at each business unit / region level
  • Coaching & Execution guidance
  • Skills & Leadership programs 

Join Strativity’s President, Lior Arussy, along with Director of Research Ed Murphy, for a webcast on February 20, 2014 from 3pm – 4pm EST that will explore:

  • Six false assumptions that lead to failure
  • The reasons why employees don’t respond
  • The 4 core relationships that directly affect employee engagement and productivity
  • How to design an effective and integrated employee engagement program

To register visit this link:

Who should attend? CEOs, CIOs, CLOs, CMOs, HR Directors, Talent Officers and related professions.