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~Lior Arussy

New Article: What Beautiful Shoes

Posted: May 15, 2012 by Lior Arussy

Excerpt: During a recent business trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, I decided to check into the Missoni Hotel – one of two in the whole world. The Italian based hotel was designed by the famous Italian fashion house by the same name. Known for colorful and geometric designs, the Missoni designers were able to transfer the beautiful spirit of life to the hotel. The vibrant designs were felt in every aspect of the hotel experience. From the specially designed hotel staff uniforms (including a Missoni kilt) to the rooms and the toiletries, the designer’s trademark style was apparent. Utilizing different materials and fabrics, the Missoni Hotel is a celebration for the senses. It was not a surprise to me that the vibrant designs infused a sense of celebration and happiness in every aspect of the hotel. The hotel website prepared me for these sensations by giving me an accurate depiction of what my stay would look like. And as a design house, I expected Missoni to shine in this aspect.

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