Announcing New Customer Journey Management Workshops from Strativity’s Practitioners

Posted On August 4, 2015
By Marketing


For the first time, journey mapping from practitioners with real life experience based upon hundreds of projects worldwide

NEW JERSEY, August 3, 2015 – In response to the growing demand for real journey mapping experience, for the first time, Strativity is disseminating best practices learned from 13 years and over 160 customer centric transformations with leading brands. Using tools and techniques usually reserved for journey mapping engagements, Customer Journey Management Workshops are designed to equip practitioners with the training, templates and tools they need to implement their own Journey Management programs following Strativity’s 8-step Journey Management process.

“Customer journey mapping is the cornerstone of customer-centric transformation. Clients are telling us that it is time to move from theory to real life experience. They seek real advice from real practitioners and not from report writers” says Strativity President Lior Arussy. “At Strativity, as the leader in customer experience transformation, with over 13 years’ experience, we decided to respond with programmatic real life workshops.”

The workshops will be held in New Jersey, Dallas and Los Angeles in the fall of 2015.

The sessions will prepare practitioners to apply the principles of customer experience to design and manage customer journey maps. They will learn how to unleash the creativity of their team members and foster innovation. The ultimate goal is transforming the journey map into an actionable document that evolves and becomes a living document, unifying the organization.

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