“Customer Experience is not just about

passion. It is about profitable results.”

~Lior Arussy

New Diagnostic Tool Bridges Gap between Customer Expectation and Employee Execution

Posted: Apr 12, 2005 by Lacey Stephen

Delivering Actionable Insight and Execution Guidance for Overcoming Un-realized Customer-Centric Strategies

PARSIPPANY, N.J. April 12, 2005 – Responding to client demand for cost-effective strategy tools, customer experience strategy firm, Strativity Group, Inc. has launched Experience Gap Analysis ™ (EGA™), a customer expectation assessment tool that goes beyond the traditional, measurable elements of transaction-based relationships. By measuring four critical dimensions including capability, willingness, knowledge and attitude, EGA™ calibrates responses pertaining to customer and employee perception, identifies the performance gaps and pinpoints areas for organizational change.

“Customer statistics are typically abstract and can’t tell you what you should do, said Ginny Danforth, a manager of customer satisfaction with Honeywell International. “Strativity Group’s EGA™ assessment tool gives us the insight we need from our customers and employees as well as practical guidance on bringing expectation and execution closer together.”

A proprietary tool, EGA™ has traditionally been used by Strativity Group in large consulting projects. In response to the demand for a scaled-down version better-suited for delivering a “snap-shot” of divisional customer relationship health, EGA™ provides customers with insightful results broken out by customer segmentation, employee segmentation, functional role, region and geography. EGA™ measurements include the following dimensions:

  • Capability – tools and authority
  • Willingness – Approach towards service
  • Knowledge – Understanding the customer’s business
  • Attitude – Total approach toward customer (arrogance, humility, etc.)

“Our clients were struggling with traditional customer statistics that pointed to the problem but not the solution”, said Lior Arussy, Strativity Group’s President. “EGA™ delivers execution guidance by identifying the solution and required changes. We’re pleased to be able to add value to our client relationships while strengthening Strativity Group’s consulting arsenal of products and services.”

Designed to empower executives who guide their customer strategy implementation, EGA™ extractable knowledge will answer the following:

  1. What is the service commitment level of our employees?
  2. Do our employees understand the business context of the customer?
  3. What is the attitude of our employees towards customers?
  4. Do we have the right tools to address customer’s needs?
  5. How aligned are our employees’ perceptions with those of our customers?

EGA™ is available in multiple languages in both condensed and in-depth, highly structured formats. Customizable by business and industry need, EGA™ is a timely, diagnostic solution highly suited for contact centers, individual divisions and departments or corporate-wide deployments.

For more information about EGA™ or to schedule an interview, contact us at, or (973) 796-5310.

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