Forrester’s Evaluation of CX Strategy and Business Transformation Providers

Posted On June 11, 2019
By Andrew McInnes

Forrester Research recently released its first in-depth evaluation of customer experience (CX) consulting firms, The Forrester Wave™: CX Consulting Practices: Experience Strategy and Business Transformation, Q2 2019. The report identifies the “nine providers that matter most” in the market based on revenue, international operations, and interest from Forrester clients. It then evaluates the select firms based on 30 criteria covering each vendor’s current offering, strategy, and market presence.

Forrester ranks Strativity as a Strong Performer in a market otherwise dominated by big, more traditional consulting firms. The report rates Strativity among the two top firms in the strategy category and gives Strativity 5-out-of-5 ratings in the criteria of CX Strategy Creation, Employee Enablement, Cultural Transformation, Customer Research, Client Engagement Strategy, CX Capabilities Integration, and Delivery Consistency Approach. The written profile highlights Strativity’s “people-centered approach” and notes that “client references say Strativity excels at laying out what customers need and linking that to what employees need to do.”

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What This Means for Clients

Strativity has been working hard for 17 years to consistently bring clients the passion, methodology, and flexibility that have driven hundreds of success transformations with amazing organizations. In our view, this report validates our track record and places us among the top players in the world for CX strategy and business transformation. Beyond the headline, we see several key themes that have significant implications for clients who are seeking transformation support. Here’s our take:

    • Strativity is the standout boutique in a market dominated by big, traditional firms. CX has matured into a major business driver and discipline, so it’s not surprising to see the major consulting players so active in the market. We believe this report demonstrates that Strativity punches in the same weight class as those traditional firms, but with a smaller, specialized team.
    • Clients don’t need to sacrifice passion, focus, and flexibility to get strength and scale. With Strativity earning a 5-out-of-5 score in the criterion of Delivery Consistency Approach, clients can get both the functional capabilities they need and the partner experience they want—one that is guided by passionate specialists and approached with the flexibility to start small, scale up, and continuously adapt to the evolving demands of complex transformations. Strativity is the perfect fit for clients seeking this unique combination.


    • Strativity excels in people-centered strategy and activation, where our hearts and heritage lie. Technology is important, but people are the key to success for any organizational transformation. With top scores in areas like Employee Enablement and Cultural Transformation, Strativity is the clear choice for people-focused organizations. We were founded with this focus, and joining the LRW family has only advanced it. LRW Group is all about “humans understanding humans,” and its collection of insight-driven companies both broadens and deepens Strativity’s toolkit while staying true to our people-centric core.
    • In the end, it’s all about finding the best and fastest path to execution. We’ve developed a people-centered approach not (just) because we believe it’s the right thing to do but because it’s proven to be the best and fastest path to change for organizations. With the highest possible score in the criterion of CX Capabilities Integration, Strativity has connected solutions into a multi-disciplinary methodology to engage the hearts, heads, and hands of executives and employees. That reduces resistance and creates a multiplying factor that scales change quickly across departments and geographies. We do it because it works.


We’re privileged to partner with some of the world’s best brands to guide their CX strategies and transformations. We’d be delighted to bring the same experience and track record to your organization. With the highest possible scores in the criteria of Client Engagement Strategy and Delivery Consistency Approach, we’re ready to execute.


Forrester Wave™: CX Consulting Practices: Experience Strategy And Business Transformation, Q2 2019


Forrester ranks Strativity among the top Experience Strategy & Business Transformation Providers in the world.


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    • In-depth evaluation of Strativity and the other “nine providers that matter most”
    • Written profiles highlighting each firm’s core focus, strengths, and weaknesses
    • Guidance for your own partner selection processes


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