Objective: Provide full-day comprehensive leadership training and management education program for all leaders to help achieve the highest level of engagement from employees.


Program Overview: Strativity’s PACE Leadership program is a one-day, hands-on workshop which teaches managers, supervisors, and anybody who would lead a project or team, the skills needed to have employees perform to their highest levels.


During this program, attendees will learn:

  • What exceptional performance is and why it is so important to an organization


  • How to enhance employee engagement in every aspect of the work environment


  • What engaged employees look like – and what they don’t look like


  • Why cynicism dominates the workplace in today’s world


  • The difference and the similarities between “managers” and “leaders”


  • What an employee’s salary really buys when it comes to performance

In addition, attendees will take part in hands-on practice in motivating, coaching, and giving feedback to employees.


To make the program effective, the recommended maximum number of participants for the class is 21 and should be held in a room with enough space for groups of three to practice the skills without being on top of each other. A group of 35 can be accommodated with the addition of a second facilitator, for a fee. The program leader will conduct a session with the company project lead to present logistical requirements for the session after contract signature.


The program is designed around common leadership challenge scenarios. Custom scenarios can be created for your business, for an additional fee.


At the end of the PACE Leadership program, attendees will have a game plan for getting the most from their people, resulting in more productivity, better relationships, and more profit.


Deliverables: One full-day site visit for comprehensive management training

Audience: Managers and Supervisors

Duration: One (1) Full-Day Session

Logistics: Up to 30 total attendees

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