Every customer experience can be a profitable one.


Our deployment process is measured and disciplined to ensure that an organization’s transformation is uniform and contiguous. The products we’ve designed facilitate a flawless and smooth transition, educating, inspiring, and motivating employees at every level.

Our deploy toolset includes:

Featured Product: Action Plan

Leveraging the insights and proposed innovations from previous phases of work, we develop a 24-36 month master plan in collaboration with a brand’s Customer Experience teams. Each element of the plan is assigned and prioritized for execution. It provides clear goals, implementation tactics, and benchmarks, anchoring the Customer Experience program throughout its lifecycle.

Employee Education

Inspiring, informative, and interactive, the Evolve Your Performance™ program invites employees to take their Customer Experience performance to the next level.  Customized exercises, self-assessments, and blended learning tools help employees embrace their vital role as creators of exceptional experiences. From a single daylong session to a full multi-month program, Evolve Your Performance™ unlocks the exceptional in every organization.

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Leaders’ Education

The PACE Your Performance™ program is an immersive, day-long leadership and management education course focused on techniques for inspiring employee performance and creating organizational alignment. With interactive exercises and practical, topical presentations, we help leaders hone their personal management styles in support of Customer Experience and explore the evolving dynamics of manager/employee relationships.

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Governance Model

To ensure the ongoing success of a Customer Experience program, we implement governance models that maintain long-term commitment and focus throughout an organization. The model uses the voice of the customer as a rubric and holds all business functions accountable for both learning from customer issues and continuing the experience-innovation process.

Voice of the Customer

We uncover the true voice of the customer by developing and deploying insightful questionnaires, surveys, and analysis tools. The “Voice” becomes a tool for anticipating and managing customer needs throughout their journey and enhances employee accountability organization-wide. The customer’s voice provides an “experience compass” which guides both current and future initiatives.

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