Every customer experience can be a profitable one.


The design phase of our work provides structure, goals, benchmarks, and guides to increase both the efficacy of the process and the alignment of an organization. By building a sound infrastructure early in the journey, we build confidence, accountability, and responsibility among employees.

Our design toolset includes:

Featured Product: Customer Persona Design

Each customer segment served by an organization exhibits unique behaviors, values, and needs.  Our Customer Persona Design process identifies these segments psychographically. By organizing customer groups based on the way they express themselves and their desires, we open new opportunities to build profound, value-based relationships at every interaction.

Measurements Program Design

We examine the current performance measurement tools at an organization and make improvement recommendations to align them with Customer Experience objectives. Our measurement tools include performance frameworks, analytical tools, and scorecards for individuals, sites, and the organization as a whole. Deploying these tools drives accountability and provides concrete Customer Experience benchmarks.


Innovation Workshop

Our guided Innovation Workshop invites employees to address specific customer pain-points and dissatisfactions.  Following our proprietary strategic framework, they transform these Customer Experience breakdowns into opportunities to enhance a customer relationship. The result of each session is an innovation—either a process or a product—that can be deployed and utilized company-wide.