Every customer experience can be a profitable one.


Our discovery and assessment diagnostic tools reach into every corner of a business and define the customer’s experience with pinpoint accuracy. The quantitative and qualitative insights they yield define best practices, set our strategic course, and help ready an organization for change.

Our discover toolset includes:

Featured Product: Experience 360®

Our industry leading assessment solution identifies gaps between employee perceptions of customer needs and their actual needs through two parallel surveys: one deployed internally and the other, externally.

In each case, we quantify both rational and emotional experience dimensions and present them to leadership through a variety of global and segmented reports.

Employee Engagement IMCO™

IMCO™ is an evaluation system which assess employee engagement across the four major relationships that power a brand’s success: the relationship between individual employee and company (I), management (M), customers [C], and the organization as a whole (O). Opportunities for enhanced engagement are identified and actionable strategies formulated to harness these valuable insights.

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Journey Mapping

We identify all aspects of the customer experience throughout an organization, augmenting external observations with manager/employee interviews, process reviews, exceptions reviews, and customer material audits. At the conclusion of the mapping process, insights are shared through cross-functional workshops and the dissemination of a complete customer experience journey map.

A Day in the Life

During this exploratory program, we immerse ourselves in the journey of the customer as he/she interacts with a brand, its products, and its employees. We observe, document, and analyze these experiences and develop a plan to enhance the customer’s path. We identify new opportunities to engage meaningfully with them and new methods to provide exceptional experiences.

Experience Inventory

The Experience Inventory is an employee day-in-the-life audit which allows us to examine every aspect of the employee-customer relationship ecosystem. We examine and assess current tools and technology, employee training and knowledge, empowerment, and other metrics, pinpointing opportunities for improvement and enhancement at each step.

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