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In his acclaimed books, Strativity’s president and founder, Lior Arussy, distills fascinating learnings and breakthrough strategies from over twenty years of Customer Experience innovation. Buying books to distribute throughout your company? We provide discounts for bulk purchases, so please contact us directly to order.


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  • Volume 1: Principles Of Customer Experience

    Explore the foundations of customer experience and how to design and operationalize a customer focused strategy at your company.

    "Make sure there is a clear articulated plan that helps people understand how to take it one step at a time."

    Lior Arussy

    Volume 2: Innovating the Customer Experience

    How do we create a culture in which innovation thrives? How do we innovate on our customers’ behalf an not just ours? How do we harness new ideas from unusual sources?

    "Customer service is about staying relevant, and it’s on-going instead of one time."

    Lior Arussy

    Volume 3: Designing a Customer Centric Organization

    Deepen your understanding of how to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Learn what a truly customer centric organization looks like, how to create those traits at your company, and how to you sustain it?

    "To compete in this customer-empowered era we have to have organizations, complete organizations, the whole organization, focused on the customer. They need to make the transformation from product-centric to customer-centric."

    Lior Arussy

    Volume 4: Customer Experience 2.0

    Explore a closer look at real-­‐life lessons from companies who were able to transform their own customer experiences. What can we learn from them that we can immediately bring to our own planning and processes?

    "In short, if you are planning a customer experience transformation, have a discipline. There is a process, there is a plan."

    Lior Arussy