Single Sign-On Services launched by Strativity

Posted On May 23, 2019
By Tyler Hendrickson

The world’s premier customer experience (CX) and culture design consultancy, Strativity Group, LLC., introduces Single Sign-On (SSO) within Touchpoint Dashboard®, to allow for an enterprise-wide customer journey management platform.

HACKENSACK, NEW JERSEY, May 23, 2019 – Strativity, a global leader in experience and culture design, announces the release of SSO services for Touchpoint Dashboard®, their journey mapping and management platform. SSO is a method of user authentication that allows employees to log in once, with one set of credentials to access multiple software tools, now including Touchpoint Dashboard®. This feature keeps user provisioning and access control within the client company, thus improving security by eliminating the need for numerous login credentials.

There are several technical benefits to SSO services, but most important is the increased employee acceptance rate of organization-promoted software. For organizations that are actively working on obtaining CX buy-in, this is crucial for launching new initiatives. An efficient approach to journey management provides organizations with a CX Center of Excellence as a continuous reference point for all activities and documents related to customer touchpoints.

With this release, Touchpoint Dashboard® customers will also benefit from a total of 93 enhancements including:

  • New account management for improved license and user role assignments, making it easier to add and deactivate team members
  • New drag & drop reordering of the touchpoint field order enables more efficient editing when creating or updating new or existing fields


Ed Murphy, Principal at Strativity Group and Touchpoint Dashboard General Manager adds, “We saw a need to bring a true enterprise solution for journey management through Touchpoint Dashboard®.  Evolving the platform with SSO and the previously released Journey View, which includes an Emotional Graph, we now have that solution. Strativity Group is focused on enhancing the platform to provide the best user experience, while allowing for greater customer-centricity within organizations.”