Strativity is a strategy and activation firm

We offer a robust toolkit that brings exceptional experiences to life for your customers and employees — and delivers amazing returns for your stakeholders. Whether you need a one-time workshop or an end-to-end transformation partner, we are ready to support you!

Our customer experience, employee experience, and organizational transformation solutions.

What We Do

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Customer Experience

Win in the marketplace by developing a differentiated customer experience strategy and bringing it to life.

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Employee Experience

Elevate your team’s performance by promoting engagement and creating a culture of empowerment, passion, and purpose.

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Organizational Transformation

Engage your executives and employees so they embrace and adopt the change needed to better your organization.

How We Do It – Strategy

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Customer Journey Mapping

Understand your customer’s journey across every touchpoint and manage your key journeys over time to drive continuous improvements.

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Research & Insights

Gain insight into the needs of your customers and employees, diagnose your current capabilities, and prioritize opportunities to enhance performance.

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Strategy Development

Define differentiated customer and employee strategies that will enhance your performance, and develop programs to bring those strategies to life.

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Experience Design

Create winning customer and employee experiences across key touchpoints, and articulate the design in a way that drives employee action.

How We Do It – Activation

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Education & Training

Educate and enable your team to adopt the strategies that drive results with off-the-shelf content, creative certification programs, and customized training.

Branding & Communications

Drive awareness and excitement for your program with compelling themes, narratives, and creative assets across multiple media and communication channels.

Change Management

Accelerate execution with robust change management practices including training, stakeholder alignment, readiness assessments, and resistance management.

Transformation Sustainability

Sustain and evolve your program by establishing key internal practices such as performance measurement, governance, and rewards and recognition.

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