Employee Experience Consulting

Engage your employees to drive exceptional performance

Employee experience (EX) is one of the most important, underappreciated drivers of customer experience (CX) and overall business success. Employees are the individuals tasked with delivering exceptional customer experiences, after all, and engaged employees exhibit a host of behaviors that impact results – from higher discretionary effort to lower absenteeism and attrition.

Yet employee engagement doesn’t come through superficial aspects like premium coffee and onsite pet-sitting. The employee experience attributes that truly drive engagement are far more personal and emotional – things like inspirational leadership, effective communication, proficient resources, and confidence in an organization.

Based on our 15+ years of experience working in the field, we focus our approach on three key drivers of EX and employee engagement:

  • Passion – Inspire employees with a clear vision and compelling purpose around your organization’s impact on the world.
  • Performance – Educate and enable employees to execute the strategies that bring your vision to life.
  • Practice – Create a cultural and operational environment that nurtures performance and sustains employee engagement.

“As the only boutique consultancy designated a Vanguard leader, Strativity brings the same passion it has for the customer experience to the employee experience, a passion that clients find infectious, invigorating, and thoroughly engaging.” – ALM Intelligence, 2017

Named a Vanguard Leader in ALM Intelligence’s Employee Experience Consulting report, Strativity provides a full range of services to help clients drive business outcomes by enhancing the employee experience. Whether you’re trying to engage employees in your customer experience efforts, increase adoption of a new strategy or system, or reduce employee turnover, we are ready to help.

How We Do It

Employee Experience Insights

Need to pinpoint your employee journey issues and opportunities? We measure and evaluate your current employee experience to diagnose what’s holding employees back and deliver targeted recommendations to improve performance.

Employee Experience Strategy

Looking to define what EX means for you? We apply our holistic employee engagement methodology to help you develop strategies and execution plans to improve employee satisfaction and drive results.

Employee Experience Design

Ready to layout what your EX will look like in practice? We partner with your executives and employees to design the ideal employee experience at every interaction in the employee journey, from recruiting and onboarding to performance management and incentives.

Employee Activation

Need to put your employee experience strategy and design into action? We work to execute and accelerate employee education and training, manager coaching, and internal branding and communications.

Employee Engagement Programs

Want to build internal programs for sustained employee engagement? We work with you to develop practices and tools to continuously monitor and improve employee engagement as well as recognize and celebrate exceptional employee performance.

Cultural Transformation

Looking to create a new culture that is customer-centric, insights driven, and change resilient? We take you all the way from research and strategy to culture design and activation to nurture employee engagement and bolster business.

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