Organizational Transformation Consulting

Execute organizational change to sustain business success

Organizational transformation is essential for businesses to stay relevant and sustain success. Yet research we conducted with the Harvard Business Review shows that 91% of executives experience failed change initiatives. Why? Not because it takes too long or costs too much. Business transformation fails due to human factors – such as poor communication, organizational politics, and not understanding the purpose behind change.

That’s why we take a people-centric approach to organizational transformation. We engage executives and employees from day one to understand what’s holding them back and collaborate to design ideal experiences and solutions. Our creative activation programs then prepare each individual to bring these solutions to life.

The six steps in business transformation: align, discover, design, inspire, amplify, and institutionalize

Strativity has integrated multiple disciplines into our proprietary and proven organizational transformation methodology. We are ready to help you create cultural and organizational change to better your business for the long-term.

How We Do It

CX and EX Insights

Understand your current customer experience and employee experience, prioritize the issues and opportunities to focus on most, and uncover the internal factors holding your people back from embracing new strategies.

Transformation Strategy

Engage your executives, employees, and customers in the process of developing your transformation strategy and build a roadmap that reduces resistance, accelerates adoption, and ensures sustainability.

Organizational Activation

Put your organizational transformation roadmap into practice with tools like employee education and training, manager coaching and huddles, and internal branding and communications.

Cultural Transformation

Create a culture that is customer-centric, insights driven, and change resilient to nurture active employee engagement and support your transformation goals that lead to business success.

Transformation Management

Receive end-to-end support in adopting robust change management practices including communications, training, sponsorship, stakeholder alignment, ongoing readiness assessments, and resistance management.

Transformation Sustainability

Continue your momentum by implementing internal champions programs, celebrating success stories, and aligning rewards and recognition. Sustain your business transformation by driving ongoing measurement and continuous improvement and developing long-term internal capabilities.

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