Strativity Clients Deliver Exceptional CX Performance

Posted On June 29, 2018
By Strativity Team

Implementing customer-centric transformation is difficult for most organizations. Automotive manufacturers have the additional complexity of creating consistent customer experiences across dealerships that are franchised businesses or parts of larger automotive groups. This year, several Strativity clients met that challenge head-on.

Forrester’s 2018 US Luxury Auto Manufacturers CX Index and 2018 US Mass Market Auto Manufacturers CX Index highlights US automotive CX trends, including the role that emotion plays in automotive CX.

In the Automotive Luxury market, Mercedes-Benz remains in the top spot for automotive purchase experience and rose to the second spot in luxury automotive service experience. (Details of Strativity’s work with Mercedes-Benz have been widely shared in Joseph Michelli’s book “Driven to Delight”.)

Additionally, in just one year, Cadillac has moved up two positions—from sixth to fourth—in Automotive Luxury brands.

After just two years, Mazda has outpaced every other mass-market brand, moving into third place among US mass-market auto manufacturers and up nine places in service. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the people of Mazda to adopt a more customer-centric strategy.

Forrester’s CX Index score indicates how automotive manufacturers deliver customer experience. The report examined Effectiveness (the value delivered), Ease (the ease of getting value), and Emotion (how customers feel about the experience) as well as customer loyalty (Retention, Enrichment, and Advocacy.) A key takeaway, not surprising to any Strativity partner or customer, was the fact that customers in the luxury sector do not prefer digital experiences. Instead, they prefer speaking face-to-face. This is very much in line with Strativity’s belief that the human connection will remain a key differentiator for companies looking to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

We are always proud of the hard work and determination of our customers. Transformation is a large undertaking, and it is immensely rewarding to see those efforts recognized by US automotive customers.


Photo Credit: Ian Schneider, Unsplash