Strativity Group Acquires Burnham Marketing, Expanding Human-Centric Design Offering

Posted On April 1, 2015
By Marketing

Customer experience design and management consulting firm, Strativity Group, Inc. has acquired brand strategy and human-centered design firm, Burnham Marketing, LLC.

NEW JERSEY, April, 1 2015 – In March 2015, New Jersey based consulting firm, Strativity Group, Inc. finalized their acquisition of Burnham Marketing, LLC. Financial details are not being disclosed. Burnham Marketing resources, methodologies, and business practices will be integrated into Strativity Group to expand the company’s digital transformation, brand operations, and CX design capabilities.

Integrated offerings will include:
• CX performance measurement, including social responsibility
• Humanized Customer Centric Design ( examining customer’s innate needs, values, cognitive resistances, learning style, communication preferences, and view of the world)
• Journey Mapping with Human-centric focus

“As our clients evolve from fixing broken experiences to creating innovative differentiating experiences, they need more support in creating human centric experience solutions.” said Strativity Group Founder and President, Lior Arussy.

Burnham Marketing Founder, Jason Burnham states, “As businesses become more purpose-driven, socially responsible, empathetic, and serve the collective needs of society, they become cultural designers for a sustainable future – economically, socially, and environmentally.”
Jason Burnham now serves as Principal, Experience Innovation where he will further develop the firm’s digital transformation, brand operations, and CX design capabilities.

About Strativity Group Inc. Passion, Expertise and Execution

The people at Strativity are united by passion and guided by a proprietary integrated methodology to unleash exceptional performance with employees and customers. With experience at leading organizations such as American Express, Bain, Deloitte, Ipsos, IRI, Bulgari, and HP, Strativity brings world-class experience combined with a focus on measurable results.

We measure success by a single word: Execution.

Strativity has had the privilege of working with exceptional brands such as Mercedes-Benz, MasterCard, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Walmart, New York Times, FedEx, Clinton Foundation, American Management Association, SAP, Wyeth, Honeywell and Johnson & Johnson.
With over 160 completed projects in 21 countries impacting over 250 million customers and 400,000 employees, Strativity is ready to face your challenge.


About Burnham Marketing, LLC.

Burnham Marketing is a global network of communication strategists, marketing engineers, social scientists, and leadership advisors who collaborate to improve how businesses operate and innovate towards building a better tomorrow. By applying human-centered design to stakeholder engagement, change strategies, marketing, and impact measurement, we provide business leaders with the insight to better understand the psychological drivers of social behavior and the systemic relationship dynamics that exist between brand actors and stakeholders. Our approach empowers brands to create socially responsible and sustainable brand cultures that satisfy people’s innate needs, values, learning style, and relationship building requirements. Through this process, businesses become more transparent and empathetic to our collective needs and values, turning brands into positive influencers of social change and cultural designers for a sustainable future.

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