Strativity Group Releases “Discovering the Real Answers” A Groundbreaking Study on the New Realities of the Customer Survey and its Implications

Posted On September 18, 2006
By Lacey Stephen

71% Of Respondents Claim That There Was Little Survey Follow Up to Change Behavior in their Organizations

NEW YORK, September 18, 2006 – Strativity Group (, a leading Customer Experiences research and consulting firm, announced today the findings from its newest study “Discovering the Real Answers: Customer Surveys — The New Realities”. The study was aimed at addressing how companies view the survey experience and ultimately what they do with the information obtained and turning those insights into change. The results expose the fact that companies are hiding behind customer surveys as proof that they are listening to their customers, but in reality are not properly using the information once they have it. Distributed via a web-based questionnaire, Strativity’s respondents were executives from around the world crossing such industries as banking, retail, entertainment, and manufacturing among others to get a broad view of how companies view the customer survey.

Overall, the results showed a lack of two-way customer dialogue between the customer and company. Customer surveys are seen in theory as companies’ commitment to their customers. The failure of companies to properly turn respondent’s answers into organizational change as revealed in Strativity’s study shows that despite a claimed commitment to their customers, with minimal follow up the survey has become a fallacy. According to Strativity’s results, today’s customer survey has become a validation for what companies are currently doing, and not what they can be doing better. This paradigm shift of how surveys are being used and the consequences of a lack of communication with your customers can lead to continued customer dissatisfaction and diminished sales. Amongst the key insights that Strativity Group collected from its respondents include:

  • 77% of the participants find it difficult to get buy-in for change within their organization.
  • 71% of the participants state that there was very little survey follow up internally to change behavior in the organization
  • 54.6% of the survey respondents indicated difficulty linking the survey results into action
  • Slightly more than half (52.3%) of survey participants design surveys to validate current performance

“Today’s companies are betraying their customers by asking them questions with little readiness to act upon their responses,” said Lior Arussy, CEO of Strativity Group. “Our study reveals the drastic disconnect between customer expectations and the actions of companies. This failure to turn customer insights into actionable solutions will ultimately be detrimental on a company’s bottom line.”


If you would like to see the rest of the results and speak with Lior Arussy, CEO of Strativity Group, please contact Neil Steinberg at / 212.999.5585.

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