Strativity’s Customer Experience Success Story Featured by Leading Research Group

Posted On July 6, 2015
By Marketing

Research report highlights Strativity’s Mercedes-Benz Customer Experience program

The report details Mercedes-Benz USA’S journey over the last four years to become the “Best or Nothing” leader in customer experience. The customer centricity’s journey goals included:

  • Elevate employee enthusiasm and appreciation of the brand and heritage
  • Drive the importance of customer experience throughout the organization
  • Set new benchmark for immersive training experiences
  • Challenge and change how employees think and feel about the brand, and give them new tools to help them do their part in fulfilling the brand promise

Strativity has provided an outside perspective to Mercedes Benz and was involved in various programs including:

  • Employee engagement research and action planning
  • In dealership consultation
  • Employees training
  • Sustainability programs

The results of this program? Mercedes-Benz, rose 6 places, to number 1 in J.D. Power Sales Satisfaction Index rankings from 2012-2014.

Strativity’s customer experience framework is based on three basic steps:

  1. Promise: Define a differentiated brand experience promise
  2. Performance: Deliver the brand experience consistently through tools and techniques like Journey Management, Employee Engagement research and Voice of Customer programs.
  3. Platform: Enable the brand experience delivery with training, governance and sustainability programs.


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