The Excellence Myth Inhibits People’s Performance

Posted On May 14, 2008
By Lacey Stephen

Backed by a 23,088 participant study, a new book reveals the obstacles and secrets to fulfilling excellence potential

ROCHELLE PARK, NJ, May 14, 2008 – A soon to be released book Excellence Every Day (Information Today, May 2008) proposes revolutionary thinking about people’s performance and their ability to achieve their excellence potential. The book presents The Excellence Myth as the reason why, despite all the writing and rhetoric on the topic of Excellence, people have not turned ideas into actions. Through the results of a multi-year 23,088 participant study, the author details the path to redefining excellence and to fulfilling the personal and organizational promise for excellence.

“We live in a world of excellence or nothing. Excellence is not optional anymore. Everyone around us demands it: customers, employees, life partners and friends” said the author, Lior Arussy, “yet, most people do not reach their full excellence capacity. In Excellence Every Day we discover the secrets to remove the obstacles to excellence and focus on delivering it every day.”

Consider the following questions:

  • What if the way we define excellence is precisely what holds us back from delivering it?
  • What if the same individuals we admire as symbols of excellence prevent us from reaching our own capacity for excellence?
  • What is the damage cynicism inflicts on our organizational and individual performance?
  • What if the real value of an organization is the sum total of the millions of choices made by its employees every day?

“Individuals and organizations are very good at delivering excellence during distress and crisis. We are good at once in a lifetime disaster relief. But what about the rest of our lives?” asks Lior Arussy. “It is time we bring excellence to our every day performance.”

The book discovers that many people think they already deliver excellence, but in reality miss the mark most of the time. In the three year 23,088 participant study of employees and their customers – Experience Gap Analysis™ – certain truths were discovered regarding performance.

  • 79% of the employees believed that they often go “above and beyond” and exceed customer expectations, yet only 29% of the customers agreed. This is a 50% gap between employee and customer perceptions.
  • 75% of the employees claimed that they know their work makes a difference, and viewed their actions and interactions with customers as a way to make a difference in customers’ lives. Only 29% of the customers agreed that they were treated with “making a difference” service. This is a 46% gap between employee and customer perceptions.
  • 88% of the employees said they use common sense and discretion in the way they interact with customers, yet only 40% of the customers agreed. This is a 48% gap between employee and customer perceptions.
  • 82% of employees stated: “I wish I could do more for customers.”

It is time to redefine excellence and engage in its performance every day by making the Daily Choice to do so. Excellence Every Day presents a blueprint for personal and organizational excellence as daily behavior, not once in a lifetime conduct. Complemented by 28 inspirational stories of individuals who grabbed the opportunity and created excellence in their work each day, the book is the new model for corporate performance as well as individual commitment.

The book includes stories received from Fairmont Hotels, Build-A-Bear, FedEx, Gibson Guitars, Formula 1 Williams, Intercontinental Hotels, Deluxe Financial Services, and CATIC.

Excellence Every Day: Make the Daily Choice – Inspire Your Employees and Amaze Your Customers
by Lior Arussy

Publisher: Information Today
Pub. Date: May, 2008
Format: Hardcover, 220pp
Price $24.95
ISBN: 091096579X
ISBN-13: 9780910965798

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