Timeless Tuesday: Customer Journey Mapping– Doing It Right!

Posted On October 27, 2015
By Brianne Spinelli

Timeless Tuesday is an opportunity to highlight classic Strativity expertise. While the methods of delivering exceptional Customer Experiences are ever-evolving, the core ideals, messages, and concepts behind them will be relevant for years to come.

From CustomerThink.com, Published November 2012

Customer journey maps are a tool. Like any tool, they cannot create your customer experience strategy nor transform your customers’ experience for you. Journey maps are designed to assist you, not replace you. Just as a bicycle cannot transport you from point A to point B without you pushing the pedals, a customer journey map cannot transport you from point A to point B without your input.

So how do you do it right?

1. Clearly define your objectives. If the end goal is improving your customer experience, obtain commitment and a budget to do so.

2. Cross-functional alignment. Understand that if your current customer journey is too complex, it may be a reflection of the conflicting agendas of your different siloed departments.

3. Clarify ownership. Each department must assign empowered managers to own the required changes and outcomes.

4. Prioritize. Every organization has limited resources, so make sure to prioritize the proposed improvements to your customer experience so that the actions you take have impactful results.

5. Monetize. Make sure all your recommendations are aligned with the company’s financial goals.

6. Co-Create. Customers will know better than you about their emotions and aspirations. Ask them both what drives them and what drives them crazy.

7. Understand the holistic customer journey. Map and understand the complete customer journey ecosystem including social media friends and family.

8. Think cultural change. Think about your customer journey mapping workshop in the context of engaging the organization to change. It is an excellent tool to get everyone involved and challenge them to think like a customer.

9. Stop the overwhelming effect. If customer experience is perceived as too large to tackle, it will be abandoned.

10. Get the right help. If you are seeking to create a customer experience transformation utilizing the customer journey map as a tool, you have to speak to experts who understand not just the customer journey but also the organization’s transformation journey.

Customer journey mapping is the tip of the iceberg of customer-centric transformation. Done right, it will be a cornerstone of a great positive change that will improve the customer experience and employee engagement. Done poorly, it will be the “program du jour” that will be abandoned as quickly as it was created.

Today’s customer does not settle for lip service experiences. It is time to transform customer journey mapping into a catalyst to align and rally the organization into a customer-centric organization. Customer journey mapping; let’s do it right.

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