Strativity Group’s Touchpoint Dashboard Expands Its European Footprint

Posted On April 19, 2016
By Marketing

Customer experience design and management consulting firm, Strativity Group, Inc. retains Danny Peters as Head of Client Success – Europe, Touchpoint Dashboard.

New Jersey based consulting firm, Strativity Group, Inc. announces an agreement with Danny Peters to represent Touchpoint Dashboard as Head of Client Success – Europe. Peters will lead sales and service for Touchpoint Dashboard in the EU.

“Touchpoint Dashboard has a large existing base of global clients, with a strong concentration in Europe”, stated Lior Arussy, CEO Strativity Group and Touchpoint Dashboard, “Danny has been a partner of Touchpoint Dashboard in the Netherlands since 2012 and he has an extensive knowledge of journey mapping and customer experience.”

Peters appointment marks the next step in Touchpoint Dashboard’s launch of a full suite of products and professional services, including local journey mapping workshops and trainings that will begin in the second-half of 2016. “The demand for journey management solutions is growing globally and our existing European clients deserve a more local support and training infrastructure.” Says Touchpoint Dashboard Managing Director, Peter Haid. “Danny has been a key to our success in the region for more than four years and we are pleased to have him lead our new office. This is the beginning of a much stronger bridge of support to our European customers.”

Peters, founder of Conexperience, has spent many years working with Touchpoint Dashboard. “As Head of Customer Success – Europe, I look forward to providing local support, training, infrastructure and serving as a bridge of support between the US and EU” stated Peters.

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