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Education Programs for Every Level

Our educational programs aren’t about changing minds—they’re about engaging them. For while many organizations claim a customer focus, only when an organization is aligned culturally around the customer experience can the benefits of customer-centricity be fully realized.

That’s why employee education and engagement is at the core of our work. These flexible, scalable programs activate employees at all levels of an organization and encourage personal responsibility for every customer’s experience of a brand.

By equipping employees with not only insights but actionable strategies and tactics, Strativity’s educational programs foster proactive problem solving, increased efficiencies, and, ultimately, a measurable rise in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue.

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  • Unlocking Exceptional, One Employee At A Time

    Customer Experience Management affects all aspects of a business and is, therefore, the responsibility of every employee. Our educational programs are tailored and customized to engage employees at all levels and speak to the unique perspectives of the individuals who power a brand’s success.




    For customer-facing employees, we offer a variety educational opportunities, workshops,and learning sessions through our Evolve Your Performance™ program. Each component provides the tools employees need to deliver exceptional customer experiences at every opportunity and interaction.

    Our executive education program,PACE Your Performance™, connects the practice of Customer Experience Management with ROI. Specialized sessions focus on leading and inspiring the customer experience, driving change at the cultural level, and managing performance throughout an organization.

    For Customer Experience professionals we offer our most in-depth educational programs and accelerated learning workshops, including the gold standard of Customer Experience training, Strativity’s CEM Certification course.

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    Our most flexible programs allow employees to choose their own paths to-wards customer centricity. Day long guided workshops are augmented with diagnostic tools, course texts, and online learning sessions. Each component is custom tailored and can be deployed as needed.

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    From the authors of Customer Experience Strategy – The Complete Guide From Innovation to Execution comes the CEM Certification.

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