“Customer Experience is not just about

passion. It is about profitable results.”

~Lior Arussy

Untouched Niches: The Laundry Café

Posted: Dec 11, 2014 by Dalya Arussy

 I was riding the bus the other day when I passed by a storefront that read “The Laundry Café.” I was surprised by the unusual name but in a rush to my destination I didn’t get a chance to explore what it was.      

At first I thought, “What an odd name for a café. Why would someone want to sip a cup of coffee in a place that reminds them of a monotonous household chore?”


And then it hit me! What if this was a café set up specifically for those waiting for their laundry at the Laundromat? What if someone sought to take a monotonous act and make it into an enjoyable experience?

Excellence in business is about being proactive. It’s about finding the needs of your customers – ones they didn’t even know they had – and acting on them.

Like the Laundry Café.

Lior Arussy likes to tell the story of the Sony Walkman. It was rejected by focus groups who couldn’t envision themselves walking in the streets with earphones playing music directly into their ears. The company decided to produce the product anyway.

Fast-forward a couple of decades and now we can’t envision a world in which we don’t have headphones and personal music devices. 

Exploring untouched niches isn’t only about coming up with new products, it’s about assessing your customer experience as a whole.

Differentiating your customer experience is your chance to impress your customers with something new. Don’t just try to improve what exists. Don’t just try to make it easier (even though that too should be taken into account). Try to think of a new concept that gets your customers excited to do business with you.

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