We unlock exceptional.
Can an exceptional customer experience increase profitability? The answer is yes. Increasing customer loyalty, retention, and advocacy is the key to increasing profitability, which is determined by the experiences your customers have with your brand. Your employees are the face of your brand and how they deliver the customer experience will define whether or not you are truly exceptional, and sustainably profitable. Strativity will serve as your trusted partner to answer the essential questions to driving business performance:
  • What value does your customer experience create for customers?
  • How can we increase revenues and profit through an exceptional customer experience?
  • How can we create a culture that inspires and empowers our employees to be exceptional?
  • What the key drivers to customer loyalty, retention, and advocacy?
  • How can we accelerate transformation to improve business performance?
What’s the magic?
Using a diverse toolkit of research, consulting, innovation, change management, communications, and immersive learning experiences, we create clear answers to these important questions. It is our combination of tools, discipline, expertise, and passion that come together to serve as your trusted partner along your transformation journey. Strativity’s approach to experience design and cultural transformation links strategy to execution and leads every employee to embrace customer-centricity and own the experience at every touchpoint, through every interaction, every day.

What is the current strategy?


Align on strategic objectives and set expectations to ensure program success.

Strategic Alignment


What is required to facilitate change?


Assess the current state and identify gaps to delivering an optimized experience.

Gaps Analysis


What is our target brand experience?


Co-create the optimized experience and design a program to bring it to life.

Future State Design


How do we mobilize change?


Deliver learning experiences that inspire, empower and enable employees to evolve.

Organizational Activation


How do we drive collective action?


Operationalize the delivery of the optimized experience across all key touchpoints.

Transformation Acceleration


How do we culturally sustain?


Sustain commitment and provide ongoing support and resources to employees.

Cultural Evolution