“Customer Experience is not just about

passion. It is about profitable results.”

~Lior Arussy

Why Don’t They Sell? – Because They Are Not Sold! Announcing A New Employee Performance Diagnostic Tool

Posted: Sep 13, 2005 by Lacey Stephen

New research tool to identify employee conviction and commitment to the company’s own products and services

Parsippany, NJ September 13, 2005. Strativity Group, Inc. announces the introduction of Drivers for Performance Excellence (DPE™), an innovative employee performance diagnostic tool. Following years of research, the company identified the critical employee performance drivers. DPE was developed to provide companies with the tools to measure those critical performance success factors.

By going beyond skills and motivation, DPE addresses the core conviction of employees with respect to the company and its products or services. A lack of core conviction, fear leadership, results in hesitant employee performance and an inclination to minimize sales and maximize discounts to customers. A strong core conviction, freedom leadership, results in excellent performance and greater revenues at higher margins. Employees with a strong core conviction are more likely to deliver beyond expectation services and will delight customers.

“We have discovered that underlying the traditional skills and motivation methods is a significant factor that influences employee performance. This is core conviction” said Lior Arussy, Strativity Group’s president. “DPE is a tool which diagnoses the true level of employee core conviction. The results provided by this tool allow companies, for the first time, to address the fundamental obstacles to their productivity and performance” Arussy added.

“Although we are a profitable company with great corporate climate, the DPE identified employee issues that inhibited both” said Tom Weisz, CEO of TMW Systems, Inc. “The DPE showed us what actions to take to achieve real results.”

DPE is available as a service with an introductory price of $7500 for up to 500 respondents. Additional pricing for larger sample groups is available upon request. For more information download the white paper “Drivers for Performance Excellence” from the web site or contact

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