“Customer Experience is not just about

passion. It is about profitable results.”

~Lior Arussy

Why Exceptionalize It?

Posted: Aug 29, 2013 by Lior Arussy

Why is exceptionalism so important now?

The answer is quite simple. You have no other choice.

Both organizations and individuals have new challenges to overcome. Organizations today are facing greater competitive forces and increasingly demanding customers who are using their virtual pens to harshly penalize even the slightest infraction.

Individuals seeking a fulfilling career and life are facing similar forces. Take a look at any reality show and you’ll get a sense of the number of people who are chasing the same dream. Examine the activities on the web and you’ll discover the millions who are striving for success or fame. In this economy, just take a look at the number of applicants for any desirable open position.

Considering the pressures both companies and individuals are facing, being exceptional is more necessary than ever if you are to stand out. But the rules are constantly changing. The standards are constantly being raised. Meeting expectations is no longer sufficient. Doing your job is not a reason to keep you as an employee. Our customers expect exceptional experiences. Our managers demand exceptional performance.

And ultimately, your commitment to excellence requires it.

It’s time to accept the truth we are facing and embrace it.

How long will it take you to start to Exceptionalize It?