Why Is Exceptionalism So Important?

Posted On April 15, 2015
By Marketing

Strativity announces the release of Exceptionalize It!

Arussy does it again with Exceptionalize It!. His advice will flip your paradigm, shatter your status quo and propel your leadership forward.” Tim Sanders, Former CSO at Yahoo!

Why is exceptionalism so important right now? In February of 2015 a major technology retailer based in Texas filed for Chapter 11 protection under US bankruptcy law after 11 consecutive quarterly losses.

“After years of struggling to be relevant to customers, the company will become a parable, a warning to other retailers of what can happen when you stop thinking about WOW-ing your customers and stick to old ways of doing business.” stated Lior Arussy of the Strativity Group and author of Exceptionalize It! (4i Publishing April, 2015).

“Additionally, overzealous profit focus makes companies create stupid and aggressive processes. Without a solid customer centric foundation, people will continue to abuse customers – that’s why Exceptionalize It! matters right now.” Individuals and organizations have no other choice in today’s business landscape than to be anything other than exceptional or they will get passed by. Meeting expectations is no longer sufficient. Doing one’s job is not a reason to keep you as an employee. Customers expect exceptional experiences. Managers demand exceptional performance. And ultimately, a commitment to excellence requires it.

Exceptionalize It! (4i Publishing, April 2015) is a manifesto of how to rise up to the exceptional performance within organizations and within us as individuals. It is a wake-up call to stop accepting mediocrity and average performance. And yes, Exceptionalize It! will be a mirror that may reveal an inconvenient truth. While respecting individual’s achievements to date, staying relevant requires that one constantly examine the simple question: Are you Exceptional? Lior Arussy goes on to say, “we took everything we do for our clients that makes them exceptional and addressed those issues across four dimensions: Customer, You, Manager, and Success.” “The window to Exceptionalize It! is getting narrower. Tweaking old formulas of success is not bold enough to impress customers. Yesterday’s cool is today’s norm and tomorrow’s boring.”