“Customer Experience is not just about

passion. It is about profitable results.”

~Lior Arussy

Announcing Experience 360™ – The Complete Customer Experience Health Check

Posted: Apr 11, 2006 by Lacey Stephen

Parsippany NJ – April 11, 2006 – Strativity Group announced today the availability of Experience 360™, a customer experience attribute and attitude analysis that examines the status of organizations’ customer experiences. Experience 360™ identifies problem areas and provides prioritized execution guidance to drive action plans and customer experience improvements.

“In commoditized markets, improving the customer experience is the key to differentiation, revenue growth and customer loyalty,” said Lior Arussy, President of Strativity Group. “Companies must assess the health of their customer experiences and include employee perceptions of those experiences. We often find that employees fail to understand customer expectations and use their own set of criteria to deliver service while customers expect a positive experience based on wholly different standards.”

When analyzing the customer experience through traditional survey methods, companies tend to focus solely on the customer. They fail to capture and analyze the definitions and perceptions of the customer experience from the perspective of employees. Utilizing traditional survey methods which typically are not calibrated against employee behavior will fail to capture discrepancies between customer and employee perceptions of the customer experience. This will lead companies to deliver what their employees think customers want rather than what customers truly want. Companies will lack the ability to identify and prioritize areas for improvement such as behavior, processes, policies and technology.

Experience 360™ captures and analyzes the definition and perceptions of the customer experience from the perspective of customers and employees. The survey includes a section that identifies and analyzes the functional dimensions of the customer experience such as touch point criticality (e.g. website) and employees’ service skills and another section that analyzes experience attitudes such as the use of common sense and discretion while delivering service. Experience 360™ calibrates customer and employee responses to attitude and attribute questions to identify different perceptions of performance excellence. The objective is to identify and bridge any gaps in the perception of customer experience excellence between the experience providers (employees) and experience recipients (customers) so you can deliver amazing customer experiences.

Empowering executives tasked with customer strategy design and implementation, Experience 360™ provides comprehensive customer experience insight and execution guidance that identifies areas for improvement as well as opportunities for competitive differentiation. Strativity Group’s analysis of the results will include prioritized action reports detailing the execution required to bridge identified gaps.

Experience 360™ provides the following comprehensive reports:

  1. Touch point analysis
  2. Moment of Truth mapping
  3. Moment of Truth by customer segment
  4. Moment of Truth – prioritized list of actions
  5. Experience 360™ mapping
    1. By customer segmentation
    2. By employee segmentation, e.g. functional role
    3. By region / geography
  6. Employee vs. customer attribute perception gaps
  7. Experience attitude questions – top ranking
  8. Experience attribute questions – top ranking
  9. Results analysis and recommendations
  10. Experience gap benchmarking – optional
  11. Attitude / emotion gaps by customer segments – optional
  12. Behavioral profiles – optional

Utilizing a database of EGA™ results (EGA™ is the predecessor to Experience 360™), Strativity Group offers an additional benchmarking service to enable organizations to map their results against those of other companies.

Experience 360™ is priced according to the number of survey participants, complexity of customer experiences and reporting requirements. Strativity Group will provide pricing information upon request.

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