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~Lior Arussy

Five Tips to Keep Staff Happy, Productive and Engaged During the Holidays

Posted: Dec 10, 2013 by Lior Arussy

While meeting financial goals this holiday season is a huge priority, making more sales isn’t the only thing companies should be focusing on. In fact, as the holidays bring an influx of customer interactions to a variety of industries, most business leaders should be acutely aware of how they treat their employees during this time.

Customers and employees alike will be stressed as the pace is fast and the end-of-year to-do list is endless. Company leaders need to ensure that employee empowerment and engagement is at the top of their to-do lists.

Success depends on the morale of the employee – they’re your first line of contact with the customer. After conducting a two-year internal study of employee engagement at 360 retail organizations, we discovered a clear link between employees’ engagement and customer satisfaction. Those companies that were placed in the top quartile of employee engagement were three times more likely to earn top scores in customer satisfaction. The secret to engagement, however, was not superficial activities, but authentic efforts on behalf of leadership and managers to provide meaning to employees.

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