[Podcast] “How to Effectively Respond to Change” with Lior Arussy

Posted On September 10, 2019
By Strativity Team

Check out VoiceAmerica‘s new episode, “How to Effectively Respond to Change,” featuring Strativity founder Lior Arussy on the importance of change resilience.

Change is no longer an event—it is a new way of living and staying relevant—yet most people believe that they are far more adaptive to change than they truly are. It is time to develop a new core competence, change resilience, which is the ability to adapt to change in a faster and fuller way than we are used to do.

The key success factor to change resilience is the ability to stay true to your purpose while adapting and changing the tools you use to pursue it. Learn to stop the conscious and subconscious fear that is associated with change and embrace the change that will prepare you for both your professional and personal life journey.


How to Effectively Respond to Change Lior Arussy Interview


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