Customer Journey Mapping

Map your brand’s customer journey to drive business results

Customer journey mapping is a key tool used to identify all aspects of the customer experience across the different touchpoints and functions delivered by your organization. Done right, customer journey mapping provides a compelling outside-in view of the customer experience to prioritize moments of truth and experience gaps to better drive customer loyalty and business success.

Strativity offers services across the different stages of customer journey mapping and customer journey management – ranging from a one-time workshop with deliverables to in-depth evaluation and prioritization, as well as the education and tools to do it yourself.

How We Do It

Customer Journey Mapping Consulting

Looking to start from square one? We guide you through the process of developing, documenting, and communicating your customer journey maps through employee workshops, graphical journey map deliverables, and action planning sessions to define next steps that will generate tangible business value.

Customer Journey Insights

Mapping the customer journey is important, but knowing what touchpoints to focus on is critical. We provide in-depth qualitative and quantitative research – from the customer experience and employee experience sides – in order to validate your view of the customer journey, explore unmet opportunities, and prioritize moments of truth.

Customer Journey Management

Journey mapping shouldn’t be a one-and-done effort. Through customer journey management we work with you to turn mapping into a routine practice with systems for defining, assigning, and managing the actions that result from mapping to drive continuous improvements.

Journey Management Education

Want to learn the dos and don’ts of customer journey mapping? Our Journey Management Academy empowers you with practical frameworks, best practices, templates, and hands-on exercises to bring customer journey mapping in house, as well as management tools to develop your customer touchpoints moving forward.

Customer Journey Mapping Tools

Customer journeys need to be managed over time to drive meaningful improvement. Our Touchpoint Dashboard platform lets you easily create, update, and manage your customer journey maps, virtually collaborate with colleagues to develop high-quality deliverables, and access action planning and tracking tools to drive accountability around improving the customer journey.

Touchpoint Dashboard is the world’s most widely adopted customer journey management platform with over 19,000 maps and counting.

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